OT - I demand answers!!

the statement 'BARBARIAN' says more than a thousand words, excluding barbarian itself :uhhuh: :scratch: :lol:

-jordy :king:
admin reconed everyone new how to build a barb, but VERY few know how to play one :lol:

It's because it's a child forum of "DII Strategy Forums," thus meaning that design and development are implied via inheritance.

Oh wait, I see what you mean now, hah hah! I'd never hit the link from the Strategy forum page. I guess we're the unwashed, unloved children of Sanctuary.

yeah we stink!!!! :clap:

hmmmmm, btw ash is this one of those 'giveaway for best answer' threads, 'cos if so i want enigma :winner:
lol Eu! sarcasm/but make it sup archon, i don't want that bp crap,only teh 1337 h4x00r 8tuff :cheesy: /sarcasm (o god i turned into one of those *runs out to throw up*)
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