OS What is good


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Sep 22, 2004
OS What is good

what type of weapon or armour do you look for with os and how many os

for anyone who might not know os = open sockets
If you want to make Rune Words: I say, the weapon with the best attack damage and the armor with the best defence (keeping an eye for the str and dex req's) which holds the right amount of sockets for the Rune Word you want. If you want to socket them with jewels: the more sockets, the better
hey jesse,
I think I can help get this post off to the start that you are wanting

6os eth zerker for BotD
6os eth CB for BotD
3os Archon Plate for Nigma and Duress
3os Dusk Shroud for Nigma and Duress
5os zerker for Doom and a couple other words as well
5os flail for CtA
4os flail for HoTo

I am sure that there others, just cant remember all of them, But the ones that I listed are the ones that most ppl are looking for. I too would like to know what other socketables are highly sought after other than the ones listed above.
I'm guessing here, and it's probably not at the top of the coveted lists, but I'd imagine 4os Sacred Armor or Shadow Plate might be nice as well, for making extremely high def. Stone runewords.
I personally look at the actual appearance of my character before deciding what armors I wish to socket. The same usually applies to weapons.
im looking for a 4 os caddy with +3 to zeal for ages :grrr:
havent even found a normal caddy :cheesy:

-jordy :king:
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