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Open Wounds question


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Apr 24, 2005
Open Wounds question

The open wounds on one claw doesn't apply to the other claw right? Like if you have 25% on your chaos, and 0% on your fools, and you land a hit with your fools, is there a 25% chance of proccing, or 0%?

Also a completely different question, how does your open wounds DPS compare to venom DPS? Which is actually your main damage dealer (assuming hybrid sin so you aren't using bramble. Also assume 25% open wounds per claw)

I realize venom is reduced by resists, and I believe open wounds is based on the opponents max health, so they don't produce consistant damage figures, but I'm still curious. Is either damage source significantly higher than the other, or are they really closer to 50/50 in an actual fight?
Re: Open Wounds question

If hitting with fools in that example, you have 0%.

Venom compared to OW. Hmm.. Well OW does consitant damage over 8 seconds, and it is a fixed amount, which cannot be bypassed or resisted. So far, this is a better damage than the 75% res-able poison ;) However, even in upper 90's, the damage is ~ 500 IIR, but it's been a while since I had to know ;P OW is based solely on your level and has nothing to do with the opponent's HP except that it will reduce them to a minimum of 1 HP.

Venom can reach 1,2, or even 3K depending on levels of focus. For a ghost, I'll assume 1.5K or so. res is 75%, and it lasts only .4 seconds (translates to 10 frames). WW applies it, and hits 4 frames (and reapplies it, so timer resets). Because of this, it can't deal the damage to it's fullest (~40 ish(i think) % if a constant WW stream of venom applications)

Venom will trigger 100%, and OW depends on the % found on gear, applying separately to each claw.

I think venom would be a bit more effective mostly due to the quick application, and quickly wearing off, so doing full damage (which is higher). Then again, no antidote will save you VS OW, and it lasts longer (also makes reping life harder if the opponent slips away from you).

Honestly, I can't see it as a matter of if one's truly better or not, since venom oriented ghosts / hybrids work amazing in conjunction with some good OW (having both the draining types, and complementing itself).

IMO, they're 50/50 due to the way they work, res factors, and the effectiveness they bring.
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