OP xbananax.


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Apr 30, 2004
OP xbananax.

Hi. With all the recent scam attacks I guess we are going to have to have some kind of channel protection.

For now list the account you are going to be joining the channel on. I might put a password in the channel.

Can someone please inform me how to set it up like theisle or GAT did where you had to go threw a website or something to be allowed in the channel?
Meh would rather not get the board started on it again.

We have a local scammer who has an IP changer so we can't exile him.
just in case I wanna stop by sometime.

I have no idea how you set it up to work with a web page like that though. I'm sure there is info about it on the Stealthbot web page though.

No idea on the stealthbot stuff Keaton, it's a shame that it's come to this, I guess that's what happens when I stop playing :)

*Tai- should probably be added in case Jas or I ever pop in on it.


P.S. mind pming me the details?
LuckyDwarf-, and Tai, I did pop on and take a few things. :p I'll be taking more as my lamerdin gets higher level, but I don't have a ton of time to level, so he is only 45 right now.

It's sad that this has happened to the channel, but that's what happens when you have a good thing. So, what was this whole Xey thing that happened? I had someone join my game and then lol at the eL flag on my character, a flag I took from Sip. :p He was ofline when I got back, and then I was told that it was an impersonation. *Shrugs* Greex, or something?

i think all it is spade is a channel lockdown and through the webpage people can signup and you can then add them to the safelist.


Lockdown enabled.

I will need to add you to the safelist if you want to join the channel.

If you do get banned while trying to join. MSG *sphc or post it here. Sorry its come to this guys :(
I tryed to join and it says i should pm you but you arent on. Also jugg thinks im greex even though i was actually there when they had that stupid arguement. If you read this jugg check my posts. Click my name and hit find all posts. I think some of the guys here remember me as well.

I understand the issue though.. when i returned to d2 my acc name was vacant so someone could have stolen it.
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