One, Two, Buckle my Shoe - Item Find Thread - Mar 2021

Mar 14, 2020
Well, it's been over a year since the last incarnation of the IFT, and I just racked something interesting in LK. Let's sing a song about it! 😗

Oh Barney, you know what?
I know a number song
Oh you do?
Yeah, do you wanna hear it?
Well sure Baby Bob
Oh good
One, two, buckle my shoe
Three, four, shut the door
Five, six, pick up sticks
Seven, eight, lay them straight
Nine, ten, begin again
That's the end
I did it
Prefix 1116 Ceremonial Javelin of Quickness
Throw Damage: 12 to 43
One-Hand Damage: 14 to 35
Quantity: 80
(Amazon Only)
Required Dexterity: 118
Required Level: 38
Javelin Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x58f5cf7f
40% Increased Attack Speed
+3 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+3 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)

Now, what to do with them? :LOL:

Link to previous IFT
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Mar 14, 2020
So cool to see this. Quite a rare item to open a new IFT, a bit more than a year after the last. And very much in keeping with the modern SPF era, where zods are plentiful in v1.14+ and even rare TC87s aren't too uncommon, given commitment of the SPF. Can't wait to see a LF zon wielding that lovely blue. Only issue will be repairs for 80 quantity!
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Mar 14, 2020
I will use them for as long as the 80 last. :p

One guy said they are good for CS running.. You use more Charged Strike in there?
Mar 14, 2020
Was that your goal item from the rack, or you have something else you're looking for?
My original objective was to steal half of @nulio stashes! :LOL:

But, the rares that drop are generally terrible.. I've gotten plenty of 1.07 Titan's off that rack, and plenty of cool looking blues. Also tried manipulating that rack to get something better. But, the best I've come up with is a Decapitator or a Lacquered Plate (and those take a lot more effort). The Cer Jav drop is literally 1 TP and click rack. That drop also tends to produce the best results on my Balrog Skin rack. I've had this map since about 2016.. :p


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Mar 16, 2020
Now, what to do with them? :LOL:
We'll figure out a way to transfer them to and make you a rich man, of course! :p

For real though I think they are best used on a Java running Baal. Something about Charged Strike getting an extra bolt every 5 levels makes them so valuable, because you can kill Baal quicker.

Congratulations! The odds on these are really really bad, even from a rack o_O

EDIT: About a 2 in 15 chance to get a magic Ceremonial Javelin off a rack in Hell LK and if I'm not way off the chance for a magic Ceremonial Javelin to become 6/40 is 1 in 603288 in 1.07. So about a 1 in 4,524,660 chance each time you hit a rack...

Modern affix calc says 1 in 382104 chance for a level 80 Ceremonial Javelin to become 6/40, ever so slightly better :ROFLMAO:
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May 31, 2020
Let's continue the Amazon theme with a nifty charm from CS

Harpoonist's Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0xe3813dc3
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+40 to Life


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Jan 13, 2021
I know there are many, many better options for the the merc, but for my untwinked guy this was kind of fun, highish damage, prevent MH with the poison, and slowing with the cold damage, and lower reqs not too bad:

Viper Bar
Colossus Voulge
Two Hand Damage: 64 - 623
Durability: 33 of 50
Required Level: 48
Required Strength: 168
Required Dexterity: 44
Fingerprint: 0x331310ff
Item Level: 88
Version: Expansion 1.10+
10% Chance to cast level 8 Fire Bolt on striking
278% Enhanced Damage
Adds 23 - 52 Cold Damage Over 3 Secs (75 Frames)
Adds 21 Poison Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
Requirements -20%

And my first skiller since the restart:

Lion Branded Grand Charm of Balance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xa80b0ad9
Item Level: 80
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+12% Faster Hit Recovery


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Jul 23, 2020
My 1.11b Hammerdin has reached clvl 98.5! I've never celebrated a '.5' clvl before, but then again, I've never been leveling through clvl 98 before :) .


So far (excluding a brief bit of testing), it's been all Chaos Sanctuary (versus all Baal leading up to clvl 98). At clvl 98, Chaos Sanctuary is definitely better for experience but hasn't been so great for items. I've only found one set TC 87 (Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge) and no unique TC 87s. So far unique finds have been all TC 84s and below ... which I suppose isn't that surprising ... My favorite unique find so far was a Tomb Reaver:


Tomb Reaver
Cryptic Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 116 to 531
Durability: 32 of 65
Required Dexterity: 103
Required Strength: 165
Required Level: 84
Polearm Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x807bffce
+254% Enhanced Damage
All Resistances +30
76% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+12 Life after each Kill
+4 to Light Radius
60% Increased Attack Speed
183% Damage to Undead
+310 to Attack Rating against Undead
10% Reanimate As: Returned
Socketed (3: 0 used)

It's the first Tomb Reaver to roll with three sockets since my restart. The ED% is pretty good, the MF is real good, but the resistances are as low as can be :( . And that's probably why despite really liking the idea of Tomb Reavers, I've never actually used one. The three sockets call out for something nice to be but in them, but there's always something wrong with one of the highly variable stats that leaves me convinced that I can one day find a better one. Maybe I'll go ahead and use this one and put something 'nice' but not 'too nice' into it (whatever that means :unsure: ). Anyhow, my next item is probably ruled out ...

My top jewel find is this:

Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 58
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 88
Fingerprint: 0x7b8c2f09
+37% Enhanced Damage
15% Increased Attack Speed

It's my third RJoF since my restart and the best one yet! The previous two were 31% ED, and then 34% ED, so, if I understand the pattern correctly ... the next one should be 40% ED! (Well, I can hope).

My top charm find came just before reaching 98.5:


I feel as though Jamella may have been low balling me with her offer ...

Shimmering Grand Charm of Inertia
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 27
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 88
Fingerprint: 0xc5884a20
All Resistances +15
7% Faster Run/Walk

And lastly, the hunt for a truly epic rare weapon continues. I pick up and ID pretty much every last rare weapon which really hurts my run times ... but then again, if I'm not interested in what's dropping ... why am I even playing!? I found a few interesting things that I'll probably never use including this bad boy which is so close to being truly epic that it hurts:

Havoc Skewer
Gothic Sword
One-Hand Damage: 89 to 238
Two-Hand Damage: 236 to 358
Durability: 21 of 21
Required Dexterity: 10
Required Strength: 103
Required Level: 58
Sword Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 88
Fingerprint: 0x4fddf25f
+298% Enhanced Damage
+6 to Minimum Damage
Cold Resist +9%
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels
Repairs 1 durability in 33 seconds
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)

Sigh. An ethereal sword with self repair and a near perfect cruel roll. If only that stinking cold resist had been the 'master's' prefix ... or if there'd been an IAS suffix. Alas, the hunt continues ...

The only question is; where does the hunt continue? Chaos Sanctuary will be better for xp (and since it's taken me two months to get halfway through clvl 98 that's no small consideration). On the other hand, I do miss all the TC 87s I was finding at Throne/Baal ... hmm, decisions, decisions ...


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Jan 20, 2021
And lastly, the hunt for a truly epic rare weapon continues. I pick up and ID pretty much every last rare weapon which really hurts my run times ... but then again, if I'm not interested in what's dropping ... why am I even playing!?[...]
A man of my own heart. That is one nice sword. I look forward to see the rest of your trophies.
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Mar 13, 2020
@HanShotFirst huge grats! Half way there! I have been feeling zero motivation at all to work on the vast gulf that is 98-99 on my hdin 😬. Keep up the good work! And sick jewel! Yeah... I guess the primary advantage of running CS instead of baal (runes) is kinda lost on 1.11 :p.
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