OMFG best druid weapon ever on any realm (rare weapon) ifr



We are not worthy!
range 1
this one actually real? most of the godly rares posted here are fakes even though this is not ethereal you never know^^
hmmm dex bonus should take the damage above that of gris i guess
note that it is not ethereal and therefor not the best.

my zerker axe is a better 4 fpa weapon
deffinatly scores style points in my book.

Itd be so fun too kill zealers with that thing.

*If it has eth and self repair itd be one of the better weapons you could use for fury vs fury or fury vs zeal for sure.
lol. I just think it's funny itsa lil' knifey ><
You'd be like Peter Pan of the druid kingdom

range1 though, :[ bummer
ummmm vvild i almost Woof growl gagged when i saw what stats that sword had on it lol =P

So close and yet so far.
lol. one day well be able to upgraded magicals... one day ^^
and ill just walk around with it for coolness points
one day ill weild a weapon of such magnitude!

but until then... i will continue to be teased by the NPCs

and hopefully when one of those weapons comes around a can trade these for it
got the above for a vex rune about 9 months ago O<0
and got this for an anni, enigma, and 3-4 hr about same time as helm. so hopefully these will score me one of those dreamt about fury weps one day ^^
vvild i call dibbs on any cruel fang knife of quikness that you find! ;)
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