ok so who actually PLAYS?


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Oct 26, 2004
ok so who actually PLAYS?

Well nowdays, its just rush level rush level rush level etc... but who here actually plays the game from act 1 thru 5? out of my 5 chars, i've only done it once, i just recently completed hell on my own (mostly lol) with a poison nova necro, and damn it was fun :)

it took a bit more skill than usual, having to LR the immunes and dodge this and that...

so who else here does it? anyone make a habit of it?
I don't think I EVER constructed the thing to smash the thingie at Travincal. At least I can't remember. Says enough I think :)
Ash Housewares said:
back in classic
I played Singelplayer in Classic and pre-1.09. So, I used to, but not anymore.

I generally quest through anything without any help from the outside. Of course there are situations which can't be solved in a satisfying manner (such as hell Ancients for a LF javazon), and in that case I log in with computer #2 and solve the issue with one of my other characters.
in ladder one i dragged a sorc through the game.. (yay tele) then i rushed my other chars.
never did.....

except for a sp char which I got all the way to NORMAL act 3 UNTWINKED :lol:

I don't have much time to lose :D
I have been rushed a few times, but I usually find more satisfying to play the game, even if the levels below 30-40 are a bit boring (lack of good gear and skills).
hehe yeah well i think hell would be the only place i would do it, due to having a nearly complete char, and without LR i dont think i could have done it.
My first 3 characters of this ladder season, 2 last ladder season, and at least 2 dozen from the time the game first came out through release of LOD and on to the end of 1.09....I actually find it fun to build a character through every quest to see how they work in each area. Once I've made the build however I won't bother playing the build through again, it's self rush level use it to help self rush others or to get fordge/quest drops.
I do all quests, all acts, on all chars. In private solo games 99% of the time. Even though I've played for years its still rewarding. Part of the fun I think is to see how well I can manage the different parts of the game as I level up, to work out strategies that work for that particular character. Getting rushed through the game seems kind of pointless to me. Why bother playing if its such a chore?

Sometimes I get the feeling people spend more time trying to get rushed or work out new rushing tactics than they would have spent playing the whole game through. Get rushed too baal and then do runs, call me crazy but that doesn't sound like much fun to me.

That said, my number of characters may be fewer than others. I also don't do much PvP. This ladder season I've so far played and completed hell with one sorc, one necro and one pally. Also I don't have as much time on my hands as before that I can devote to playing. One, maybe two evenings per week at best, wich makes it even more difficult to start new chars.

Oh well better stop typing now or this could go on forever..
Rushing sucks imho - it's too much like a chore. Who really thinks Baal runs are fun? I'm questing through the game, solo, groups or in pub games. They each have their advantages and problems, and I like the character builds that can do all three all the way through the game the best :)
SilentMagik said:
I do all quests, all acts, on all chars. In private solo games 99% of the time. Even though I've played for years its still rewarding. Part of the fun I think is to see how well I can manage the different parts of the game as I level up, to work out strategies that work for that particular character.

Same here except I very rarely play alone. I almost always have a friend or two along unless I'm MFing. However, I usually hurry through Normal and Nightmare as quickly as I can (making up the levels in N/NM Baal runs). The "real" game for me starts in Hell difficulty so I try to get there as soon as possible. I don't like being rushed though so I rarely partake.

sasja said:
Rushing sucks imho - it's too much like a chore.

Not everybody enjoys the game in the same way though. Some would rather skip the 'chore' of playing straight through the game so they can have fun doing other things with their characters - dueling for example.
I have 3 categories of characters. Primary, Secondary and Mules. Primary characters are not rushed through any part of the game and are the characters I play most often. Secondary characters sometimes get a partial rush but usually end up playing most of the game anyway. I don't really care too much about their gear because I generally make them when I have their items, and none are likely to ever wear expensive uniques and runewords, they are for primary characters. My mules take part in rune buses so as to get runes to cube up to the expensive ones (currently working on Ber, 1 Ist and 2 Topaz away from Lo :) ) and so that I don't need to make a normal game to transfer items.

When playing primary characters I almost always make public games and they are frequently undisturbed by rushers. I recently managed to play all of Normal in a full party that all started at level one together and finished up doing the Ancients at level 35. It was probably the best game I have ever had on bnet with everybody working together(!) and using skills in a party friendly manner. By that I mean we had 2 Barbs that did not override each other's warcries (they even went so far as to coordinate their skill distribution so they had the same levels at the end), and 3 Palas that all used different auras and used Cleanse and Meditation at the right time.

What annoys me is the attitude of some people, often duelers but not always, that have only ever been rushed. They tend to make snide remarks about people that actually play the game the way it was designed, frequently on the grounds that it is boring, and yet have no concept of combat tactics (all their characters use the same tactic regardless of class or build - run attack run attack die squeal for tp run attack run attack die...) and the variable gameplay inherent in D2. This then leads them to the false belief that certain builds are useless and anyone who tries it should be derided.

Sadly I had a friend in 09 that was a little like this, he had 8 lvl 99 characters and couldn't understand why I wanted to waste my time doing quests when I could be lvl 99 so easily. When he was building a new character once I asked him to help me kill Izual and he asked me what an Izual was. So I told him that I wanted the quest reward and he replied that you don't need the quest just do cows. When I told him what the reward was he spent the next while doing the Izual quest on all his characters because he had NEVER (in almost 2 years of playing!!) done it before.
My latest char did normal the way it was meant t be played but went through nm and hell through more convential means.

Every so often i'll go through act 4 or act 1 the way it was designed to be but act 3 just grinds on my nerves and i don't even bother any more.
I usually play a character from scratch through the quests up until I have the complete staff and cube in act2. This usually gets them to about level 22ish and is a lot easier then partying with other people who usually dont have a clue what they are doing (especially in the maggot lairs). Then public games up to ancients by which time they are level 24. Never completed Act3 quests on battle net.
Since the ladder reset, I've player every character I made from act 1 normal till act 5 hell, doing all quests, and collecting all waypoints (exept halls of pain) and I really like it that way :)
Due to the lack of time I haven't done it as much as I would like to.

And to be honest the death of my last 3 hell chars haven't helped a lot as well. But usually I do normal and nightmare alone all the way. But hen it comes to hell.... depending on the quest I ask a friend of mine to help me out a little.

Last 2 chars I made (Druid) Rush to act 5 NM (Sorc) Rush to act 5 normal.

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