Offering the chance to "go back in time"


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Jun 24, 2020
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[1.07/1.14d SC FAM] with forwarded items trade profile

I will be forwarding one of my 1.07 Arcaines Valor to 1.14d.

If you somehow have a 1.07 AV in 1.14d and want one in 1.07 instead (maybe you found better options?) I'm willing to do a 1v1 trade.

I'm letting this open for some time, because it will be for a Dreamzealsorc and I'm short of a Jah-rune atm, so it will sit a while in 1.07.

It has yet to be socketed from Larzuk, but since I will rush some chars I can do it pre-trade, if you want.

If yours is socketed with anything else than a 15% ias jool, I want a Hel-rune too.