not top much happenin


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Apr 12, 2006
not top much happenin

not to much happening over here in hardcore...hope this isnt a sign for the begining of the end
It is a small community here. People come and go, you can usually see it happen according to season. Christmas is coming, people are out shopping, drinking, socializing, etc.

I expect things will continue along as normal. It's tough now-a-days though, with the rampant TPPK there is rarely an opportunity for new people to meet and more people to join the community.

meh its good to see u guys have a sence of humor about it...nice community though... wish i had time to join u stated before with everyone being busy...i might make one over break...a hc char...c u guys around
Yea, small community, but we go WAYYYY back.

It does this basically every couple months, unless someone posts something new, we all feel as if the well of info has been run dry.

I blame the lack of useful OT threads personally.

People check back all the time when theyre trying to keep up with the witty OT banter. I don't even bother reading "Gib Best MF Sorc Bild Plz" threads anymore.

Cheers and never feel that you need to play HC to play with the HCers.
Should I even go there?

Leaving it as an implied statement is probably better (see recent bannings, which somehow I managed to escape simply by not posting in said thread.)


Damnit, I did actually post in that thread to tell Jason to check his PM's...

Reality smites me again.

There are baal runs but most are run privatly becuase of tppkers, normal is really the only place where you can pub baal without a tppker in everygame.
Meh normal you have to watch out for as well. Go go lvl 42 bone necs/wind druids/sorcs with skill GC's.
Not as much as nm/hell considering most arent pkers at low lvl anyway and you can have 1k+life 75 resist in norm easy with a barbs bo a lvl 42 wouldn't be logical as a tppker.
Why wouldnt it be logical? Its the best lvl to tppk in norm/nm. Whos going to think the lvl 42 is going to tppk?

AND with +10 skills from just charms at lvl 42, they can be deadly. Thats over -70 resist to cold and a heavy iceblast coming from a cold sorc. Then you can have occy/+2 cold ammy/+2cold helm/lidless and so on.
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