noobish question on ama javs


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Jul 29, 2003
noobish question on ama javs

They can have +skills as automod (stay non-magic). Can they combine automod and magic prefix? I'm planning CS ama for lvl 31 and the idea the ama can use +4 jav skill javs came to my mind. Or maybe +1 ama +2 java etc.
I have never seen a staff/orb/etc that combines the two, so I would assume the answer for java's is no also. I dont see why it would be a special case. (I play sorcs a lot, so if I am wrong correct me - perhaps it can happen but its really rare? i have never seen it happen (from what i can recall))

My answer to you: dont count on it. im 95% positive.
dont see a reason why you cant have +3 java skills magic prefix// +2 javs on item.

staffs+orbs=+individual skills, not a skilltree so its not "possible" but +3 fire skills (magic)//+3 hydra is.
Every weapon or helm intended for a specific class has the chance to spawn with an inherent bonus to individual skills (inherent meaning they have nothing to do with the rare or magical mods). Paladins have it slightly different, as scepters (which are non-class-specific) get the skills bonus while shields (class-specific) can only get resists or %ed/+ar. Amazons also have it slightly different, as bows, spears, and javalin get bonuses to an entire skill tree (bow or spear/jav, not passive).

In the case of individual skills, a particular item can spawn at most 3 inherent bonuses, with a maximum of +3 to each. In the case of Amazon skill trees, you can only get a bonus to one tree and the maximum bonus is also +3.

I have definitely seen Sorceress Orbs with +1 or +2 to all skills as a rare mod and a couple inherent bonuses to individual skills. I have one right now that gives +2 Sorceress skills, +1 Energy Shield, +2 Chain Lightning, and +1 Meteor. You'll also remember the godly duped scepters back in classic with +2 Paladin skills, +3 Blessed Hammer, +3 Concentration, etc. It's even possible to find a rare claw with +2 Assasin skills, +3 Lightning Sentry, and +3 Death Sentry, although highly unlikely. But, I can't remember ever seeing a bow or javalin with inherent bonuses on top of rare or magical mods. Otherwise you would hear about godly (non-runeword) bows with +2 Amazon skills and +3 to bow skills, or godly javalin with +6 jav skills (+3 magical mod and +3 inherent).

So to answer your question, Amazon items can't, but every other item type can. I'm about 95% sure of this.

EDIT: Ok, so I just went and found a magical set of Matriarchal Javs with +1 jav/spear inherent, so that basically contradicts everything I just said. Maybe when you roll a +skills magical/rare mod it overrides the inherent bonus instead of adding to it, I dunno.
I thought we were talking along the lines of:

Item INHERENTLY spawns with +3 (tree name here) skills, then a magic modifier adds ANOTHER +3 (same tree) skills, thereby giving +6 (tree name) skills.

I have never seen something that was magical with a +4, 5, or 6 to the skill tree. I, however, am no expert, but I just thought that perhaps if we all chime in with the same answer, probability and statistics will show the answer to us all.

But if this COULD happen, all of a sudden i wanna make a zon... lol :D
once again my zon inexperience prohibits a definite answer, but if they work like other class items that get +skills on a non-magic items, there should be no reason thats not a possibility.

If above is true (function the same as other class items), 99.9% sure that it will work.
I have a Maiden Javelin I like to call a mini-titans... it's level 37, so I get it a whole 5 levels early :D

It's got +1 Amazon Skills and +2 Javelin/Spear Skills, along with a few other nice mods, so yes, it is possible to have both.
Wow... thats cool... Youre sure?

I'll have to make a zon if i find some of them (especially if i can find some that are rare with nice mods :D)
Yes, it can happen. I've gotten a +6 Bow and Crossbow Matriarchal Bow before and ive seen plenty of +4 and +5 jav skills and a +6 a couple times.the javelins were of assorted bases, but because the +3 jav skills magical mod and the +3 jav skills aren't early mods to come by, the level might exceed your lvl 31 zon. but it can happen. which im 100% sure of. a lancer's maiden javlin of **** (preferably a speed mod or something else tasty) with inherent +3 jav skills would trade for quite a lot......mmmmm.......PIE!!!!!!!1
Seems like they can, but good luck finding a pair. I had a CS zon before, I can help you out with any gear/skill questions if you want, just gimee a shout.
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