No vita for bowazon?


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Jul 9, 2006
No vita for bowazon?

The guide said base vita. I dont believe that and i am confused.
I believe there's no exact values regarding a Bowazon. People always say "full" this and "max" that, neglecting to see the warm fuzzy gray area in between. IMO a Bowazon is one of those characters where the gray area isn't so bad, and it wont make anything worse for your build.

While some people may need that extra safety of points in Vit, others prefer living life on the edge. I'm one of the crazy ones that prefer the latter.

I've got 50 Vit base on my Frosty, and things are going smoothly at level 47. I don't see myself putting any more points there, for that matter. Sure, a Frostmaiden focuses on Cold damage, but more damage/AR overall is all good.
The guide said base vita. I dont believe that and i am confused.

First, it depends on what guide you're talking about. Bowazons and javazons have different needs. But the reason for that, is that because you are an amazon, you shouldn't be getting hit very often. As a bowazon, you can freeze them or just run away from them. As a javazon, you should have a 75% to block and damg reduction. Therefore, you don't need a high vitality becuase you shouldn't be getting hit very often.

Yeah, it all depends on your play style I'm level 67 and have base vit of 60 and I think thats too much for me, I rarely get hit between my valk and slow missiles and decoy I can pretty much avoid taking any damage.. its all about the dex!! :)
i put about 100 in vita and i get out about 4.6k dmg with my faith/forti/pride/might merc
vitality should only be considered if you play HC

Disagree; Get your vita to 100 atleast, if you take say 3 hits from a monster with bow, with base vita ur going to die, and that does happen, same with gloams and stuff... get some vita so you can run away, cast a valk & decoy and let 'er rip.

i have 930 life on a base vit bowzon, have never been killed by anything
can easily stand in diablos pink lightning taking 0 dmg most of the time

btw 3 hits is a lot considering each multi fired equals drinking a full rejuv

ps: it would seem most people blatantly ignore freezing arrow in their builds, even at 1 point invested, it will stop monsters completely unless they're immune to cold
For PvP I like to have enough vita to have about 1400-1500 life (depends on item setup), dieing in 1 hit sucks...

For PvM ... Real Man play base vita <joke> but realy, 600 life is good for pvm bowers, life leech is king
I am new to 'zons. I have been playing a hybrid fa/lf and she is level 75 (+270 unused stat points) in nm with base life and only enough dex for equipment and she owns. I play PvM but I think if you are a careful player you go either way and do well. I tend to lean towards the vita, but I think this is one of those situations where you have to make a judgement based on personal preference and experience. Good luck and have fun.
I agree with the vita around 100 comment.

First it sucks to die and lose exp. Mid 90's its dam slow and I hate to lose what I had(i don't play/level in lame tele baal games). Second, more vita gives me more freedom in gear. I don't need max resists to play hell in 5-8 player games walking thru worldstone...or anywhere else for that matter. I can pre buff with a CTA, slip on my wisp ring and kill black souls etc with 10 LR. If I go for max resists then I change to Kira's-I lose 20 ias from Andy's. Now I've lost my only source of LL so on goes Nosferatu's and I have lost a big chunk of dex not to mention 100% pierce and I am still down 5 ias.

It happens to often in chaos or worldstone where I am cursed by amp damage in the middle of a nice lag spike....base vit means a run back to the corpse.....
i have a lvl 97, base vit bowzon on ladder, have never died in a CS run (i don't do baalruns)
i have 930 life (yup, life scs make wonders) and i don't use a CTA

so i guess it all boils down to skill but if you want serious business, base vit is the only way to go

also btw if you get amped and you see the game is getting laggy -> save & exit
no need to fall prey to noob dupers who are causing all the lags
I <3 glass cannon builds.


Max GA
10+ all passives
Slow Missile

Funny as hell, kills basically anything that doesn't teleport or run faster than GA.
i have 930 life (yup, life scs make wonders)
Agreed! Life is the easiest stat to boost from items, particularly charms. Strength is not as easy, and boosting dex is down right hard.
and boosting dex is down right hard.

You're kidding right?

Most of the time I forget to account for the +Dex I get from items and end up well over the requirements I should of put my base stats at.

Nope, not kidding. All zons, even spearies benefit from large amounts of dex. I was mostly refering to charms. The most dex (or str) you can get on an sc is 3, lc 5 and a gc 6. That ain't much.
I wouldn't run worldstone either with 930 life.
but you would with 1100 ? i don't use a cta btw

baalruns are pointless with a bowzon anyway, only crazy people will want to fight through all that crap in hell wsk2,3

seriously just look at bloody foothills, one of the favourite areas of 1.09 patch
people avoid it like plague now, same with wsk

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