no str. --> lower bo


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Jun 26, 2004
no str. --> lower bo

on switch i got 2 +3 echoing spears but the problem is that i dont have enough str. to use my helm anymore which give me +2 extra. i got an upgraded arreat which require 192 str. but if i switch i only have 172 str. so does this mean i dont have +2 extra from my arreat with bo ?

and what would you guys do to fix this ? i dont wanna put more points in strenght because i find vit. more important.

my idea is to use a magical low str. +3 bo helm or something.


Use a Wolfhowl (+3 to Warcries) or Delirium Runeword helm (potential +5 BO)
Hardcore_Virus said:
maybe get socketable warcry weapons and fal them

ya, I'd say that this is the best Idea. I know throwing spears are cool an all, but if you're losing 2 levels to your bo, they're not worth it IMO. Get some war swords, socket them and throw a fal in each, that'll give you the 20 strenght you need to gain the +2 from your helm. Or go with a normal, non-upgraded arreats. .. or, throw 20 strength worth of charms in your inventory. But then you lose inventory space for more useful charms. All in all the best Idea is the one Hardcore said above.
throwing spears & glaives are without a doubt the coolest warcry weapons but if u choose to use upgraded arreat you only have 1 option & its been mentioned here :D

either shop/trade for warcry weapons with str (melee weapons can get up to 15str)
or socket with fal's

with luck u can get up to 35str on each warcry weapon :D (15+2*fal = 35)
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