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No cd troubles


New member
Mar 13, 2009
No cd troubles

So, somehow something messed up with my d2 files on my comp, and with the 1.13 patch coming soon I decided to try and fix them. I just re-installed but now I'm not getting the no cd crack to work. I really don't want to put my cd in every time I play, and I've googled this and looked all over and have done everything but it still tells me to insert my disc.

I've copied the music files from both d2 and lod but no luck. Can someone help me out here?

And what happens when the 1.13 patch comes around?
Re: No cd troubles

The information from the Blizzard website is a bit confusing and partly wrong IIRC.

You have to copy the video MPQs as well. In summary, make sure you have the following files in the game directory:


Also, the no-CD option will only work if you applied the 1.12 patch.

The files with an X are on the expansion disk, the others on one of the core game disks.
Re: No cd troubles

FYI, we do not offer help with no CD cracks, as they are not allowed nor endorsed by Blizzard, and are cheating.

However, if you are using/are speaking of the last patch which allowed play without the CD then this is fine, as Krischan points out.
Re: No cd troubles

Hmm, I admit that I didn't notice the mention of the word "crack", but it seems as if he means the no-CD option of the official 1.12 patch, so his and my mistakes even out :smug:.
Re: No cd troubles

haha Ya I meant the patch from Blizz, no worries. =)

Omfg, "Diablo 2 has encountered a serious problem, please re-install".
Re: No cd troubles

You probably copied another file, one which has been changed by the patch.

1. Install core game + expansion (you will need the CD to start the game)
2. Connect to bnet -> patch gets installed
3. Copy nonexisting files from the CDs, according to my list

BTW, the difference between a partial and a full installation is (IIRC) that the full installation will copy d2video.mpq from the core game CDs into the installation dir while the partial installation won't, so you can also turn a partial installation into one with doesn't need CDs.
Re: No cd troubles

Got it. =)
I only had to copy the d2xmusic, the other stuff was already there. (full install)

Thanks a bunch for the help. <3
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