Newbie Teleport question


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Nov 6, 2009
Newbie Teleport question

I've seen on Youtube some guy that used a sorceress's Teleport to practically zip thru The Durance of Hate 2 so as to speedily do a Mephisto run. In 5 or 6 Teleports he was done with this *big* level.
Now I have a Barbarian, but I found an Amulet with 20 Teleport charges. Well, I've teleported ~10 times and each time I only moved 1 or 2 feet in a random direction, nevermind landing right in front of the exit as in the Youtube clip.
How did he do it?
Re: Newbie Teleport question

Teleport will move you to the location you have your mouse pointed to and where you then click. If you want to teleport further, move your mouse to the edge of the screen and cast teleport by clicking the mouse, now you will be moved to that location.

The only random teleport I know is from occulus, with a chance to cast teleport when hit.

Hope this helps

Re: Newbie Teleport question

Do also keep in mind that Teleport will be extremely sluggish without Faster Cast Rate. 63% FCR is generally considered a minimum (Barbs and Sorcs have the same breakpoints; 17, *something*, *something*, 63, 105, 200)
Re: Newbie Teleport question

1. Point the mouse to precisely where you want to go.
2. Click to execute the teleport spell.

In step #1 you usually cannot have urns/chests highlighted by the mouse cursor (i.e. you need to teleport to an "empty space"), but otherwise you should be able to pick a direction and move quite rapidly by holding the teleport button down.

For step #2, as Tubba mentioned the amount of Faster Cast Rate (FCR) equipment you have makes a difference on how quickly you cast the teleport spell.

Since you posted this in the single-player forum, I'll assume you're playing single-player (SP). This has one major difference from BattleNet in that you can preserve a good map in SP and use it multiple times. And a good map in SP will make 'running' Mephisto a lot quicker.

An ideal map will only require one or two teleports before you're at the entrance for level3 of the Durance. Even without an ideal map, if you're using an amulet with charges you should only need to teleport ~4 times (maximum) before you get to the entrance of level3. If you don't have an ideal map, it's a good idea to "reroll" on by changing difficulties or hosting a TCP/IP game (no one else needs to join your TCP/IP game to change the map - it's just part of the process).

Actually, since teleport charges are expensive to repair and run out quickly, I'd recommend NOT teleporting with your barbarian as much as possible (run instead) and only use teleport to "jump" crevices or escape danger.
Re: Newbie Teleport question

If you get an "ideal" map, you should be able to run Mephisto very effectively with 2 teleports total. One from WP to Durance 3 entrance, one over the wall, and then finally Leap Attacking to Mephisto's crib.
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