newbie needs some help please.


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Nov 27, 2009
newbie needs some help please.

i recently started playing D2X recently. and i did some research. made a blizzard sorc. got some terrible gear that give like 120% MF but.. it seems to me like i die before i can kill anything. i dont have the money to buy gear. or items to trade it. and now im wondering if a Hammerdin would be better. please. if you could give me some advice id really appreciate it.
Re: newbie needs some help please.

Welcome to the forums :)

Some random practical advice:

Accumulate PGems and trade those in the forums. MF in Nightmare at first. Let your merc tank while you nuke from behind.

Some cheap items you should look for are:

Helm: Peasant Crown, 'Lore', Kira's Guardian (not optimal for a sorc, but you do need resists and a low one shall be very cheap this late on Ladder)

Weapon: 'Spirit' low req sword

Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi

Shield: 'Spirit' monarch

Amulet: some random magical/rare; look mainly for resists/stats/skills here, in that order (some str would be nice so that you don't have too much str after you get Torch/Anni)

Gloves: Magefists

Rings: random ones with stats/res. If a FCR ring or 2 can get you to 105FCR that'd be great.

Belt: Tal's belt, IK belt...

Boots: Natalya's boots, Aldur's boots, Infernostrides...

All of the above are VERY cheap and can be gotten for a couple of pgems, some are so cheap people will give them out for free.

You can probably notice there isn't a lot of MF in there. That's true. But with such a setup, you can expect to reasonably moat Hell Meph. Remember: to MF, the most important things are in this order:

1. Survive;
2. Kill stuff;
3. Kill stuff faster;
4. MF% on gear.

GL and please don't make a Hammerdin.
Re: newbie needs some help please.

one of best places to kick off mfing on hell mode for blizz sorc would be AT (anciant tunels act 2 lost city mode level hell ) for high t level and next to no ice immunes ( chances are slim of this boss )

and to gear, i also would recommend insight runeword on merc to tack care about your mana issues.
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