New to single player, Where to start?


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Feb 18, 2005
New to single player, Where to start?

Hi guys, I've been playing diablo 2 for quite a while now on the realms. Ive simply had enough with lag and getting kicked from games for no reason and the fact that the economy is so messed up. So i'm starting from scratch on single player. I'm looking forward to the fact that every item in my inventory was found by me although it is going to be hard work.

I will be playing hardcore, to add a little spice to the mix. What character build would you guys recommend for starting out? And what other advice do you guys have from you're experience of single player and hardcore?

Thanks for any replies, Briggzy
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

If you're an accomplished player then any caster should suit you fine. Perhaps consider a blizzard sorc for her MF potential (Ancient Tunnels, Pindle, Meph).
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

I'm not a Hardcore expert, but I suggest that you simply start any new char and go until first death, to have a hang of it :) (Don't expect to make a guardian at first try)

To make wealth, a pure Blizzard sorceress is the best, but very difficult to get to hell meph because of cold immunes. But with a meteorb you can't go wrong. If you are absolutely new in HC world, try a Fishymancer. But in the long run, if you want to MF effectively (Mephisto/ Ancient Tunnels) you will need a pure Blizz sorc.

And welcome to the SPF!

Edit: only second. very hard to be 1st who helps here :wink:
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

Lol I forgot about the hardcore part. It's the norm for me so I immediately forgot that it's not for everyone :p If you're changing from softcore then I guess then I suppose there are two elements of sorc playstyle which I had to change to go to hardcore:

1. Drink health potions early and often - don't wait until your health is low to get the most out of the potion. Health potions are plentiful on the ground, and you can buy more when all else fails.
2. Don't blind teleport unless you absolutely have to. Teleporting into a pack of extra strong, cursed anything as a 800 life sorceress in Hell isn't the place you want to be and the 30 seconds it saves you isn't worth the risk of the 10 hours you've put into the character (not to mention the items).
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

Thanks for the replies guys :)

I think that a blizzard sorc sounds like the logical choice, although i am going to have to get used to the hardcore part, i'm sure if i take it steady and play safe, i should be ok :) Then next on my list will be skellimancer and a pit strafer.

Haha, that made me laugh serdash :S

One question which i have been dying to ask. I see the abbreviation 'LK' quite often in the sp forum, what does this mean?

Thanks, Briggzy
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

Hey there jason,

welcome to spf, nice to have another hc player around here. hc is very manageable with no lag but still presents an exciting and difficult challenge.

I would say don't worry too much about starting with a blizzard sorc, go with whatever character you enjoy playing the most as long as it isn't too item dependent - the items will come over time. If you like playings sorcs go for it, but if you have a more aggressive play style, you may want something a little more sturdy but can still pack a punch - like a trapsin. If you're looking for a melee build however, a berzerker is nice for hardcore because his ed is skill based and with warcrys he is quite safe, so there is room to pack on mf gear (though it can be a little slow initially.)

mf can be much more productive and satisfying in sp with static maps and atma. Make sure to take a read about the forum and familiarize yourself with things such as /player settings and the like.

Also, without crazy runewords readily available, you should be ready to rely on your merc more than on bnet, especially in hc. And somewhat related, many of the cube recipes can be very helpful when you are just starting up, such as to cube up a solid polearm for an act2 merc using the savage polearm formula.

Finally, remember that patience is key to hc play.

Hope you enjoy it here, I look forward to reading your first guardian thread,

edit: LK is lower kurast. There are super chests there which can have nice drops and it can be run very fast. With the right map, it's a great way to round up charms and gems, and there is also a slight chance of high end runes dropping if it is run consistently over a long time.
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

LK: Lower Kurast. With a good map, you can run superchests and racks with ease. There's a guide around somewhere, but iirc, in Hell LK, you can get up to Ber from superchests, and might find a stable armor or weapon rack that has a chance of dropping some good stuff. I'll see if I can find the guide and edit in a link.

Here it is. Guide to LK. There are some more LK resources in the Help and SPF Rules sticky, post number 6 "General Guides" and under that, Rune Guides or something, if your'e interested.

And welcome to the wonderful world of Single Player!
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

Read through the stickies at the top of this forum to see if any of the tools/mods interest you.

Number one thing to remember for single player is maps stay for that character as long as you don't change difficulty. For your blizz sorc find a 2-3 teleport map for mephisto and run him for all the items your other characters need.

You can set the number of players in the game (affects experience/monster health) with the /players X command (x= 1 through 8). Type that in the game chat and the game should respond back with a confirmation message.

The character screen gains a scrollbar in single player, so you can have way more than 8 characters :p

Things I don't go without GoMule and create at least one 'stash' to dump items. Say goodbye to character mules and embrace stashes. ATMA is another muling program, but I don't believe it gets any patches anymore. Both programs can mule character items to stashes and use the same format, so you can try both. GoMule runs faster on my system and is still being developed, so i have made the switch to it.

Next Rune Word Mod. Single player has a chunk of BNET runewords disabled. Spirit and Insight are in the disabled list, so most of us on here use a small text mod to enable all the BNET runewords.

The final mod a lot of people use is Red Rune mod, or Colored rune mod of some kind. Its another simple mod that changes the color of runes from white to red or any color you pick.

Starting out you will probably hit a wall with the blizz sorc unless you grind it out to 24-30. If you do hit a wall, it would be good to start up a fishymancer. Fishy can beat the game naked, so not going to have much trouble getting through the game. He will find things the blizz sorc can use to power through and once she is going you can do whatever you want with any builds.
Re: New to single player, Where to start?

There are many many vibable builds, playing self found. First thing to realize, playing SP is that finding items is the fun part. Once you have them, the fun drops off considerably... at least for me. I play seven characters through the game only allowing characters to progress in an act that all others can access. That way no character gets items far above his station, unless he's replacing a dead character. Those have access to the stash of the higher level characters. I also don't swap active items between the characters... to simulate them being "currently used".

I'm currently working through act I Hell, and it's by far the slowest act so far. Too much fun stuff to do. Too much leveling up. That and my gear is more suitable for act IV Nightmare. But bit by bit my characters are advancing and refining their gear. It's fun.
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