New to Druids, and DII altogether


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Nov 28, 2004
New to Druids, and DII altogether

Greetings fellow Druids

I've only just started playing DII and I like sound of a Shapeshifting Druid. As much as I would like to make my very own Shapeshifter, I just don't know where to start. I'm considering going the way of the wolf and possibly have a few summons to help me. I have a few questions regarding the Druid's Shapeshifting side...

* What are the different variants when taking the path of the wolf?
* What equipment spefications should I be looking for to help my wolf survive in the wild?
* Last but not least, how should I distribute between stat points?


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hey welcome to the druid forums, the most fun filled and freindly forum around.
man, i need unchosen to do that..i make it sound al whatever-ish


1) variants: pure fury
pure fury is basically the 1.09 wolf capable of massive damage and attack rating. max oak sage/Heart of Wolverine, lycanthropy, werewolf, Fury, and 1 into ravens/spirit wolves. attack speed is affected by weapon speed only unless you are swinging wayyy tooo sloowwww. Use the calculator to figure out the attack speed and how to improve it. Mepersoner had a very very good guide on this but i dont think it got saved.

Electric Blue has an excellent guide on this-no clue where the link is

Kazama Fury has an excellent guide on this -its in teh guide listing sticky

pure rabies
eh, maxed out poison. Electric Blue has a section on this I believe.

elemental hybrids
using armageddon/hurricane along with fury or rabies, etc (not tried very much)

equipment: if you are a startign werewolf, I suggest you get pieces of the Immortal King set. It's cheap to trade for if you play on bnet. Yes, IK set is a barb set, but the Aldurs set sucks and dont even touch it. ALso try to obain a Jalals Mane. Excellent all round druid helmet with +2 druid +2 shapeshifting. Shael the IK maul to hit a 5 frame attack (fastest possible on druid is a 4 frame). Baranars star with a Shael is also a viable weapon. It kills physical immunes at a 5 frame attack. Using the IK set pieces shouldn't give you any problem with physical immunes because the IK maul gets elemental bonuses.

stat points: im assuming this is just for PvM not PvP so I suggest usign a 2 handed weapon. Str: enough to use teh 2 hander, dex, enough to use it/get a decent attack rating, vitality-rest, energy-none.
Welcome aboard where exactly are you playing single player or on bent? If on bnet which realm? If you are east let me know I'll hook you up with some gear to get started.
Thanks alot Tor, greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by 1.09? is that the game version/patch or something? I'm finding it very hard to choose a wolf variant due to my lack of knowledge regarding Druids. However, Pure Fury and Fury/Rabies sound good so I may go with one of them.

BeoWulf, I play on Europe Realm. (I tend to jump straight into the multiplayer action when I first buy a game because I get bored very easily playing on my own.) My account name on Europe is Hero_of_Winds but I do however have an account on East and West - HoW_east & HoW_west, just incase I decide to pay these realms a visit in the ever so near future.


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You do not have to worry about 1.09, if you are playing on the realms you would have downloaded the most recent patch 1.1 when you logged on for the first time.

Wow, you've just started playing D2?

Well you're in for an experience of a lifetime buddy!
Picking a variant eh?

I'll help you out here:

With the right gear a pure Fury build will be your most efficient build around but it get boring very quickly. Imagine yourself a crazied wolf zipping around whacking stuff superfast.

Fury/Rabies build will be the same thing but instead of straight smacking and whacking, you've sacrificed some damage in exchange for RABIES, so now you're more of a diseased wolf zipping around herding monsters together then poisoning a few and watch the disease spread (very pretty green) and THEN whacking the monsters to death.

Fireclaws/Rabies is similar to a Fury/Rabies build but your kill rate won't be as fast. The only good part is you won't have any problems with Physical Immune monsters (urgh..hate them).

Considering you're a first time player and only wish to test the waters, I would definitely suggest a simple Fury build. If you want to jump straight into the more "unusual" styles then Rabies/Fury build. Ask around for some Europe Realm players cos they'll surely help you out!

Anyways, have heaps of fun and don't forget to always ask questions, regardless how stupid you may think they are!
A new Europe player!
I suggest either a rabies/fury or a fireclaw/fury, so that you have a decent skill to take out Phy Immunes. With the right equipment, you will have a vesy strong fury, with a nice fpa attack, and also a good fire/poison dmg.

Btw, if you are on Europe Ladder, give me a hoot on *Gosu-Hellbolt, I have a couple of items you might need for the earlier levels.

I'm thinking of going Fury/Rabies because being a newbie I don't know nhow to deal with these Physical Immune monsters.

Thanks for the offer, but do you play on HC or SC?


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Welcome to the druid forum! :howdy:
Read the sticky and enjoy your stay.

Brotherhood said:
I'm thinking of going Fury/Rabies because being a newbie I don't know nhow to deal with these Physical Immune monsters.

I wouldn't worry about them yet, it will take loads of playing to reach the point where physical immunes(PI) start to appear, if you play the game without outside help(rushing).

As Tor said, when you reach them you could use a Immortal King's(IK) set ogre maul with other pieces of the set or Baranar's star unique devil star to get rid of PI's.

In my experience everyones first char never is a success, but don't be intimidated by it, learn from your mistakes and perfect your plans.

Have fun with your wolf! :thumbsup:

I recommend rabid / fury as well ... most people tend to enjoy wolves more than other varients.
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