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Aug 6, 2004
New to barb forums

Hello all,

I'm new to the forums and just wanted to drop a line to say hello.
Going back and forth with these forums have helped a lot with building my 83 frenzy barb.
here are his stats:

beastial lvl83
str 110
dex 30
vitaly everything else
energy base

using coh, botd, doom, verdungo, bk, raven, gore, arreats with os, draculs.

I'm kind of getting tired of doing pvm. And reading around, I've regain interest in d2 in the pvp category. In your opinion, would this char be good enough for pvp? (switches to angelic combo)
Is coh a good pvp arm or is stone or duress better. fhr etc...

or is my char already messed up and needs to be rebuild?

any constructive cristicsm is welcome.

max skills:

frenzy/doublewing/bo/axe mastery/currently working on getting shout as high as possible for synergy.

hello mate, welcome!

general opinion is that frenzy is not viable PvP, period!
maybe on some wierd,experimental, mlvl build but thats about it!

ww is still the king of barb skills, aldo good PvPers must master other tactics too.

gearwise, barbs are pretty simple on first glance.
botd/beast/death cleaver/kingslayer
gore rider

thats the outline. Now in come the finer options: nice rare equip, gear for specific oponents, special tactics and gear to make them happen etc etc.

there is much, much more to barbs than people give them credit for and thats what makes them #1!!!

hope this helps, have fun and see you around :thumbsup:
Thanks kakarot.

what about coh? should i ditch the coh and make a duress or stone?
when i look at the baba tree, i see the ww takes a dmg penalty. or just put one point in ww and work on other skills. i.e. concentrate/b.o. etc.
also, i've noticed that pvm babas dont do as well for pvp.
is it the same vice versa? or do pvp barbs do really good in pvm?
how to obtain max resists in hell for a pvp barb using enig botd/beast?

if i ditch my coh for an enig, arent my res going to suffer alot?

the reason why I'm asking is because I want to make my first pvp char and I want it to be a barb, but I also want to switch to doing baal runs etc.. w/o difficulties.

how to achieve max res with baba using enig?
forget about CoH in PvP, there are much better armors.
and about switching PvP/PvM it's also not so good idea. if u wanna be a good dueler you need to focus, not spread your attributes, gear, skills etc.
for instance you will need every single little box in your backpack for charms, your cube will be in your stash, along with a ton of equip for specific situations === no room for PvM gear. However this is not a big issue - u can always mule off the stuff you're not using. the thing is that PvP chars are built for releasing their full power in a short instance of time while PvM are built to endure harsh enviroment of hell difficulty for a long time so there you lose a punch if you wanna go both ways, not too good PvP-not too good PvM is the worse IMHO but you make your own choices. :thumbsup:
I guess you're right.

Well, I guess it's time for a rebuilt! but I'm going to miss this ol'baba.
I think i'm going to go with enigma this time. scrap the frenzy and go ww and conc.

but I think i might keep the coh in stash just to throw it on to do Baal runs for xp.

you know I haven't tried a sword/shield combo. which do you think is better for pvp?
is a zerkbotd/shield combo just as good as cbbotd/shield?

prob keep angels in stash too along with wisp/raven/dwarf/bks/highlord.

but otherwise the rest of the gear stays the same. (just can't beat verd dr and vit boost.)
o yeah. one more q?

one point in ww? and than focus on conc?

or is ww a skills to max out?
i know how u feel, i take barbs personaly and miss everyone i've ditched :hanky:

By the 'don't mix PvP/PvM part' i meant in the end when your baba is finished(leveld), so if you intend to get more xp on him, keep the PvM gear(but i dont think you'll need much, maybe mara or whatever for res, since well build baba is a true force)
regarding sword vs axes, axes ALL THE WAY!!!(except in style)
imo cb ebotd is a waste of runes, but thats just me. (btw, just in case u didn't know axes have 500ish more dmg)

angelics are very good and most of people dont leave their house without them :lol: (keep in mind only for melee duels, for casters they are not necessary)

keep that arach 'cos of fcr(with enigma it's a must), also consider fcr rings, um'ed wizzy.......

regarding ww/conc it depends on what would u like to have, a whirler or conc barb(fpcus remember :thanks: ).

ww - max ww, conc is A GREAT backup skill 'cos of bo synergy
conc - max conc, if u want 1 pt in ww but not necessary

have fun, k
Conc barbs don't do well in pvp, they can only compete with melee, and even then have trouble with most builds. You should go ww if you want to do well in pvp.
Thanks for all the feedback.

I'm finally getting off work and going home to finalize plans on the rebuild.

Since I'll be ditching and going with enigma, I think kakarot mentioned something about 2 wiz. do the fcr stack? if I keep those on switch. what can i use to pre-buff bo. don't a lot of pvp keep 2 +3 wc spears on switch?

GOD! so many choices... so little time...

How about keeping 2 hotos on switch. I think I got a couple of those laying around. :p

wiz = fcr and more res.
hoto = fcr and + skills?

which you recommend.

I think maybe keeping hoto on switch roxs.

do + skills stack on those. I think i read somewher where they didnt.

can anyone clarify that for me?
well since i've started this, i might as well finish it :thumbsup:
(i got nothing better to do since i work till 24 :rant: )
dual wizzy is a no no!(dmg sucks!) use botd/wizzy for casters+fcr from arach it'll be more than enough(if, and ONLY if u practise).

dual hoto on switch is not bad, but is a waste and has no style IMHO - echoers are betters

skills on hoto stack, what u mean is when u have dual CTA +6 to bo do i have +12 to bo??? no u don't, max on weapons is 7 and u get this perf cta+echoer! (IMHO not worth the runes in cta - 2 echo=better)

i won't go into wizzy vs hoto, since i like wizzy very much(imo 1 of the best items in the game). USE IT!!!
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