New to Amazons. HELP!!


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Dec 4, 2006
New to Amazons. HELP!!

Hello everybody. I've never made an amazong before but I figured I'd try one out. I know that I want to use a bow, but beyond that I have no clue. What would be a good build to start with? I was thinking guided arrow, or maybe strafe. I know nothing about zons.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
I reccomend reading through some of the guides in the stickies first. And then read some of the threads here, look several pages back, they contain lots of useful info. After that please feel free to ask whatever you want.
It may sound alittle harsh, but lots of questions have been asked many times before.
How is your budget? Can you afford all runewords you desire?
Is it for PvP or PvM?
Is it for 2 player party? Or is it public games 8 players game?
I have no runewords but middle of the road uniques.
It would be mostly pvm but some pvp is fun too.
And it would be anything from solo to 8 player games
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