new sorc


Sep 24, 2004
new sorc

this will be my first sorc, im thinking fully syngergized blizz + max nova? does that sound fine, im not sure about equipment yet

also, is energy shield still bugged, im just wondering if i should include it in my build incase i have extra points or something

oh yeah and sry i cant edit but ill be going for fcr (mab vipermagi armor) so i can spam nova faster :drool:
Nova's dmg isn't nearly as impressive as it was in v1.09 so don't count on big dmg... especially without a maxed mastery. I would go full blizz if your looking for something simple... these guys can ussualy stand back and don't require ES either, and thats a good thing because when using it, the dmg would be severely lacking with blizz... If you want to use a nice maxed ES go with Frozen Orb instead.

Well If you really want to use blizzard I would take a look at the firewall/blizzard guide, its a pretty good skill.
:scratch: Forgetting cold mastery?

If your going with blizz or any cold skill, id suggest dropping atleast 8-10 points into cold mastery, so that with +skills you can lower your enemy's resistances greatly.
kk thanks, ill aim for 10 naked

i decided to do max blizz with 10 cold mastery, and max ice blast with max nova/lightning mastery (dunno how much here yet)

the nova is just b/c i dont see enough ppl using it, and just want to be unique :flip:

edit - no energy shield btw but i will spend 2 points to get chilling armor (or whichever the 2nd one is)
Just to take into consideration... if I am wrong I appologize, but I'm pretty sure you need 2 extra points to get that second armor due to prereq's.
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