new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw


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Dec 11, 2009
new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw


I know I've posted before, asking about a first HC char (which I want to make an assassin <3) , and somebody suggested to me to make a trapsin.

I didn't like it very much. Don't get me wrong, I think the build has huge potential and I can see the benefits of it for starting HC players. But I just don't like traps. I don't like the playstyle of it, I just couldn't pretend to find it fun to play that way any longer. And since it's a game that's meant to be played for fun after all, I figured my best course of action would be to make another "new" HC char :yes:

So I've been reading about all the builds, and the two which speak most to me are the Tigerstrike/Dragontail build and the Pheonix strike/Dragonclaw build.

I plan on PvM only, first HC character, meaning no fancy gear or twink material, nothing of the sort. Which one of these builds would be better to start with?

And please don't start saying why I shouldn't do it, or that there are other build which are better to play. Just tell me which of these two would be most suited for the task at hand.
Re: new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw

PS'ers have a harder time than DTailers (be sure to use high damage boots).

DTail's knockback effect is nice for crowd control too.

But, a DTailer will have a harder time with immunities (physical and fire), so it's your call.
Re: new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw

Ah, so it doesn't really matter which one I take equipment-wise? Except for the boots ofcourse? (could I bother you for any post or w/e that says what boots do what damage??)

My dilemma is basically as you stated it: I like Dtaiil build for it's simplicity and damage potential, but I also like PS for it's versatility with immunities.

Any other people who would like to post their opinions on this? (sorry for any spelling errors, I just came home from a birthday party that extended into a mini-pubcrawl :D and yes, I'm a bit insomniac because of that, so I figured I'd check in here for any replies)
Re: new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw

For kicking damage check the Arreat Summit's items section.

Myrmidon Greaves offer the highest damage, but such a pair of boots without -req require a hefty dose of Str, which cuts on survivability a lot on a untwink char. Both unique versions of those (upp'ed Gores and Shadow Dancers) have the -req mod and that's what most kickers use, but don't count on finding any of them by yourself.

PS'ers usually go C/C (Claws of Thunder is very often used, and DClaw requires C/C. However, normal attack shall also be considered as a finisher), while DTailers usually go W/S.

For untwink HC, I'd highly recommend DTailer over PSer.
Re: new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw

Ah, lots of usable info there, thank you very much! I think I will try the Dtail build, as per your recommendation.

One question though, when you say Dtailers go W/S, does that mean any kind of weapon with favourable stats or would a specific kind of weapon be more suitable? Because I haven't encountered any mention in any of the guides that mention any other combo then C/C or C/S, so it hasn't even occured to me that other weapons can be used as well ;)

Anyway, thanks for all the info and advice so far <3 I know this may not be the wisest route to go untwinked, but then again I don't strife to be the most powerful or wealthy player out there, it's all about new experiences for me at the moment. That, and I recently joined Gauss, so I'm hoping to make some friends there that may be willing to do some itemruns or something with me.
Re: new HC: TS/Dtail or PS/Dclaw

I said W/S because as an untwink char, you're much more likely to find a good weapon than a good claw. Stuff like Crushflange and Wizardspike and the such would be very beneficial to the average untwink DTailer.
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