new character suggestions


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Nov 2, 2006
new character suggestions

I am thinking about building a new character, one that ive never made before. I am thinking either assassin, amazon, or druid. Ive never made a necro before either but I don't know if I want because of lag problems associated with summoning. Anyway I'm just looking for any ideas for good characters, theres lots of guides out there so im sure I can find one for whatever you suggest. A friend suggested a javazon, says they can do massive amounts damage. Thanks for the ideas.

Ben :shocked:
I was suprised how much fun my trapisin is.
I only use self found items and can still kill hell cows if I'm carefull.

She's a fast key runner.
Even running the countess is fast. I put one point into burst of speed and have a harmony bow on swith, so she can find the castle quite fast.
The death sentry helps keep the corpses from building up when killing Nili, so she's great there as well.
i made my first javazon ever a few days ago. its really fun to play, its a not-SO item dependant char, but if you give her high end gear, youll be able to clean every area in the 8 player games alone and fast.
How can you say that Summoners causes lag? Oo i have player summoner for years and never lagged. Though the spamming or orb and meteor is lagging me up -.-
I recommend poison javazon if you haven't had one before. I love mine to pieces.
Summoner druid ( all summoner are fun to play )
Melee/Summon druid
Trapsin ( could be boring..... )
Hybrid trapsin ( is way more fun - MA/trap )
Hybrid Poison/Javazon
Hybrid Bow/Javazon
I am looking for a PvM character. I am reasonably wealth, hoping to start doing uber runs soon, so should get better.

Thanks for all the suggestions, ill start reading guides soon and figure out what I want.

Are you wealthy? What type of character are you looking for? PvM or PvP?

Hybrid Poison/Javazon

How well do they work? Between my javelins, my merc and my Valk I've had plenty of physical damage so being pure poison has never been an issue.

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