New Bowazon - Help


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Apr 16, 2005
New Bowazon - Help

Hi all,

I've read the stickies and am a bit confused because some of the information regarding bps and faith is conflicting, i think...

I am making a bowazon and am trying to analyze BP's using Faith in two different speed bows and all levels of faith (I will ignore level 14 and level 15 because the IAS granted is the same). I'm using Grand Matron Bow (WSM = 10) and Matriachal Bow (WSM = -10). I am using the EIAS formula as follows:

EIAS = ((120*IAS)/(120+IAS)) + sIAS - WSM

EIAS = effective IAS
sIAS = skill IAS (Faith @ lvl 12 = 31, lvl 13 = 32, lvl 14/15 = 33)

I read somewhere that you need 67% EIAS to reach the last breakpoint of strafe and normal/multi attacks. The reason for doing this analysis is that I do not want to have to wear IAS armour but want to hit the last BP.

My results were as follows:

IAS needed to hit 67% EIAS
12 - MB 34%
13 - MB 32%
14 - MB 30%
12 - GMB 75%
13 - GMB 72%
14 - GMB 70%

Are these numbers correct? Can anyone verify?
Also what are some common IAS setups that bowazons use?
I was thinking

Andys with a 15% IAS jewel for 35% IAS
Belt with either 10% or 15% IAS
Gloves with 20% IAS

That gives a total of 65% (10% belt) or 70% (15% belt - Nosferatu's i think).. Anyways I just want to know what IAS i'll need to hit the max bp for strafe and multi/normal so I can plan my EQ and what level Faith in what type of bow I'll need.


easier and just as good, most of the time.

IAS: cheap: get threachery body armor (45%) and shael the bow (65%), will get you far. If needed add IAS from gloves/amulet/belt.

goldy: good head gear with 15/40 jewel, andariel visage comes to mind, or mavina's circlet thing (45% when with 15/40). Crafted gloves with 20% IAS, knockback and other good mods. Belt, Nosferatu's Coil. Amulet: high lord/The Cat's Eye....
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