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New Assassin build theory. good? need help


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Dec 21, 2009
New Assassin build theory. good? need help

ok so i am fairly new to d2 but after raising a ts/dt sin (sort of) i came up with an idea for a different build that i havent really seen created. i figure this is bcus my idea is stupid, or i am a genius (i hope i aint stupid).


10-20 FoF
10-20 CoT
10-20 BoI
20 PS

and then for the finishing move, i figured dragon tail because thats what ive been using, and from what ive seen, it cleans up shop. so id put 20 into DT

but idk if thats the best finishing move to use, but the way i see it, its a quick charge release with knockback and areas dmg. so why not right?

and for the gear....

jade talon(socketed with a +15 ias jewel)
bartucs (socketed with a +15 ias jewel aswell)
hellfire torch(duh)

it +15 ias jewel was a random idea of mine that i hope is good cus i already did it lol.

i choose to use one jade(for the mana steal) and one bartucs(for the life steal). idk if this is a good combination?

stats to wear gear and remaining to vitality.

i think this is a good idea. comments?? suggestions?? all replies are very much appreciated. thanks in advance!
Re: New Assassin build theory. good? need help

It seems you are trying to focus on too many damage types. You're getting 3 from PS+synergies and then you add physical damage biased gear.

If you wish to go for elemental damage using PS you should rearrange your gear for more +skills, and I'd not advise getting all 3 PS synergies, get two maxed out and let physical dtalon/merc/venom/shadow handle the dual immunes.
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