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New 1.07/1.08 Magic Find Meta?


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Feb 5, 2019
Apparently after 20+ years of this game being out people are still finding new things.

Some of you have maybe read or watched about it already, but apparently if you get 4 burning souls alone together with you they will start to spell out the initials of the D2 game developers with their lightning shots. After this, your mf is buffed to 4,000+.

While this might be trivial for D2r and 1.09+, for 1.07 and 1.08 this is potentially a big deal. The magic find breakpoint for unique monsters in 1.07 is around 3,100, meaning that if you have 3,100 magic find, ALL drops from unique monsters will be unique. This has up until now been fairly irrelevant because obtaining that much magic find is impossible. But now it is possible. I did some testing in 1.07:

Step 1: Perform the ritual:


Step 2: Kill stuff!


It also appears that trash mobs are at the rare mf breakpoint. Many questions remain (if you perform many rituals do they stack? what about other difficulties? etc.) If the mf stacks then this has potential ramifications for 1.08 grailing as well.

Anyway, thought it was interesting. Let me know your thoughts!

UPDATE: I did the ritual 5 times and now trash mobs are dropping uniqes.:eek:

UPDATE: Trash mobs AND most poppables:eek::eek:


UPDATE: I ran Cows on p5 with a Javazon who had stacked the ritual 4x. All mobs and poppables drop uniques!

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NGL, this sounds like a meme, but I have fired up 1.07 to play on my sorc some more. She's in Act 3 Hell, and souls spawn in the Great Marsh, so I might check it out, but I'll have to be careful. I might try levelling an assassin too, to try out racking with a sin. I forget where I saw it (probably the 1.07 gossip thread), but apparently you can tick racks with traps.
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My first thought was also that this sounds a lot like an old SPF chicken chasing thread ... But, I tried it in D2R.

And after getting rid of the merc that kept killing everything, I managed to get four souls alone:


They stopped attacking and did 'perform the ritual'.


When they were done making letters they went back to attacking.

The D2R enhanced stat screen shows mf. It showed 212 MF before the ritual ... and 212 MF after the ritual.

I ran the bosses and some level 85 areas ... and ... I have no idea if the game was reacting as though I had 4000+ MF. (As was pointed out, it'd be hard to know the difference in 1.09+).

But, I can confirm the surprising behavior of the Burning Souls!

Since that part works, I think I'm motivated enough to go dig out my old computer that has my 1.07/1.08 operation on it. More testing to come ...
The D2R enhanced stat screen shows mf. It showed 212 MF before the ritual ... and 212 MF after the ritual.
The MF bonus is handled server-side so the client doesn't "know" about it and thus doesn't reflect it on the advanced stat screen.

Or something to that effect, I forgot exactly how the people looking at the code described it.
... Testing complete.

It worked! o_O

Below: The results of one hour of 1.07 champion/unique/super unique/boss killing ... after performing 'the ritual'.

I dug out my old Windows 7 computer, loaded up my old 1.07 characters, and headed to the Plains of Despair.

I got four Burning Souls separated ... and then just got attacked a lot. Even with my success in D2R, I was starting to think that it might just be a prank (or rather a D2R only thing) after all. But then they started performing the ritual:



Of course I didn't have the mini map showing the '1.07' so then I had to do it again later ...

There we go :rolleyes: .

Post ritual, champions, uniques, super uniques, and bosses all dropped unique items (unless of course an item type was selected that does not have a unique ... then they dropped a rare). It was one wild 1.07 experience!

It appears that I'd bothered to make thirteen 1.07 Matriarchs/Patriarchs back in the day (about a decade ago). And yet, according to a quick search of my old ATMA stashes, had never found these uniques:






The uniques that could not have been racked were most exciting to see! And that was only after an hour playing a version of the game and character that I'd long ago forgotten all about! Imagine if I'd actually remembered the details of what I was doing ...

I quickly had far more uniques than I could stash and just started depositing them on the ground in town ... where I left them when I exited game. Because:

1. I haven't played 1.07 for a decade and don't really feel like starting up again now.
2. It kind of felt like I'd entered a cheat code to get them.

1.07 has always struck me as weird (some might say broken). This seems to fix some of the 'broken' ... but it also feels more than a bit like cheating. Happily, I now only play D2R with items found in D2R, so this new discovery doesn't really affect me. I suppose other folks will now need to decide if and how to use this info ...

In any event, the last few hours have been the most engaging and fun D2 experience I've had in years! I totally recommend giving it a try! Whether or not you keep/forward the proceeds of your efforts is I suppose up to your best judgement ...

Oh. And for anyone wondering. The effect of the added MF seemed to be indefinite ... or at least during the same game until you die. I had fun seeing uniques drop for more than an hour until I got one-shotted by Baal's mana burn flame of death ... and then the spell was broken :D .
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Just want to confirm that it works in 1.07. It's very fun thing overall, but setup is super jank and souls aren't really cooperative as much as you'd like them to be. I've seen them attempting to start ritual multiple times just to revert to attacking me. Probably took like 10 minutes for them to start it (rolling for 4 isolated souls new meta confirmed?).

One thing that I will add is that this makes 1.08 Windforce and Stormspire somewhat possible to get. Likely not as easy but it would not require decade of consistent playing like it is now. Would be pretty darn cool. Also one thing where this absolutely can be exploited is to get 1.08 Highlord's Wrath which is just amazing item.

Feels like a bit much but it's not all bad, considering it's a welcome change to actually play the game rather than just racking away for 4 hours to get one item.

EDIT: Does anyone actually know MF breakpoint for regular monsters in 1.08 so they can drop unique items? It sounds like 6 digit number but hopefully 5 digit instead.
Good call @m4ke . Currently on my phone and have trouble linking/posting.

@frozzzen looks like 6 digits for regular monsters if i understand correctly

Source @art_vandelay ,will this resurrect you too ?:D

i agree that it feels a bit cheesy, but ive also already put in 1000s of hours in 1.07 and 1.08 and so I have multiples of every unique i want. I would, however, consider using this to hunt a windforce and/or stormspire once we work out the most efficient way.

Was it you @frozzzen or @nulio who wrote up a whole guide about farming these items from act 5 caves?
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Don't think it was either of us. 100k MF might be a bit much considering the setup, but 23k on unique monsters seem solid. Still, for those two uniques idk how'd I approach it. 1.08 HLW should be found semi reliably on longer MFing sessions at least :D

Uh, also every jewel drop from trash mob turnes out to be 6 affix rare which is interesting.
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Yeah I know, I just didn't expect them to drop, more like, I was thinking it's just a reroll thingie.
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