needs mf sorc advice


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Dec 4, 2006
needs mf sorc advice

im going with a orb//lightning build since most of the immunes in hell are fire immunes. im gonna max orb/icebolt/cold mastery and lightning. i was wondering if i should sacrafice a few points in cold mastery and split it with light mastery??

also im using isted lidless for a im assuming i should go all vit route and not max block. ive never really cared about blocking before so im a noob at figuring how important it is.

thx for any advice
Pure element builds work well if you are willing to restrict your MF areas to those that don't have immunities to your particular element. Eg Pure Blizz sorc is quite adept at running meph and the ancient tunnels. Orb/Lightning will probably do well here too, only the occasional boss will be CI in here, although your merc may struggle a bit due to half the stuff being unleechable.

Pure Light is viable if you can afford an infinity, 99% of Light immunes will be broken by it. Only the occasional boss/champ that spawns LI/PI will cause you trouble.

Pure Fire I haven't done, don't know where they can run besides Andy.

Rhyme is a nice shield to consider, has some nice mods on it.

20% Increased Chance of Blocking
40% Faster Block Rate
All Resistances +25
Regenerate Mana 15%
Cannot Be Frozen
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items

make it in a bone/grim shield and you have 60% block with very low str reqs.

Use the lidless on switch with CTA for buffing.

Just some stuff to consider

A lightning/cold sorc should have max FO, 1 in cold mastery, max lightning, max chain lightning and max lightning mastery, as well as 1 point in teleport, frozen armor, static and warmth. Skillers: lightning. Further points are to be spent in either cold mastery or another lightning/chain lightning synergy. I decided for the synergy because I already have a meteorb sorc as well who concentrates on cold mastery after having maxed FO, fireball, meteor and fire mastery while wearing fire skillers.

I'm using my CL/FO sorc for key runs and IMO she's excellent at that job. She's not concentrating on MF. My meteorb sorc wears Tal's full set for that purpose.
I have a CL/FO with the exact same setup. She's nice, although I've never liked not being pure elemental. I have a pure fire sorc on non-ladder, she's awesome but man it took forever to get through Hell.
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