Need wolf vs barb biuld


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Oct 9, 2009
Need wolf vs barb biuld

I need a spacific wolf vs barb biuld was thinking fury rabies hybrid any of you more experianced players out there got a biuld for me

my current wolf beats most pubb barbs but not the best ones my current biuld is as follows

20 lycan
20 rabies
20 poison creeper
1 werewolf
20 oak

and at present 18 in fury
1 in ravens
1 in spirit wolves

vs barbs i normally use this set up
trangs gloves
1 raven 1angelic ring and amu
and on swap I have death web and 20/20 monarch
belt is European nos belt ^^
or verdungos

and my charms are
10 5/5 frw res scs
9 45 lifer ss gcs
anil and torch
my life is 6.2 k
my rabies dam with this set up is 54-55k
ar is 20 k
and fury dam is about 5 k from memory maybe different doing this on phone
any thoughts or improvements would be welcome or is it just lack of skill if so I won't be offended but will practise more tnx
ps sorry for posting as much ^^

rabies d
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

It is difficult for a fury wolf, or any melee character that needs to namelock attack, to kill barbs consistently because they can ww away as you are attacking them. You get damaged and they remain safe. I usually try to get a hit in with rabies in one of the moments while they are not wwing, then do switch and then walk away. Due to your high rabies damage they will start to lose life and have to follow you. When they begin to follow you, you just try to get in a few hits with fury to finish them off. But again, it is hard to kill ww barbs with a fury wolf.

Also, why do you only have 6.2k life with 9 45 life gcs and maxed oak and lycan? That seems a bit low.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I didn't realise 6.2k life was low with pre bo off a pala friend I think it's about 7.2k is that low this is maybe my problem also I maybe asking to much of my furry little wolf to beat good well played barbs the barb I couldn't beat was called plodd not matts old barb acc was blaazed or something simaler but he did pre bo and use demon limb if you play eu sc nl you might know the char with my life do I need a rebiuld and not leave as much room to swap around gear also if any good wolf players can jion me in game and give me any pointers it would be much appratiated tnx again for taking time to help noob druid ^^
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

Trade FRW scs for AR/Life scs.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

Tnx verash I'll swap charms around just duelled first very good fury rabies Druid and got WTF pawned I'm sure anyone here will know him
b_m then he showed me items and I realised why I've heard a few people say not to but untill I can get godly Druid items im gunna make a new wolf statted around botd I figure I need 7.5k life without bo my old Druid has just hit lvl 91 and is upto 6.5 k life sorry to rabbit on but I've got the wolf bug real bad it's the only char I play now other than to mf with I've even stopped playing my full synergy charger ^^ tnx guys any more info will be welcome
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

Don't stat around BotD. You still need a two hander for certain situations
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I'm only statting the dex for block from botd my current wolf could use grief and thundergods and still retain 75% block so I figure an extra 30 into vita straight away my current base dex and str are 141 dex 101 str I've swapped charms over and now has 7.4 k life but he is running to slow anyone say 08 hls ^^ verash is it worth rebiuld to save an extra 30 dex or am I better upgrading items instead of rebuilding tnx for being patient ^^
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

It's a difference of a few hundred life so it's really up to you. I personally see it as a bit OCD but that's IMO.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

Mmm so starting to howl at full moons is OCD aswell :) one last question what would give me the highest life jah in my stomshield or eld in 1.09 I always put sheal in them but I've heard lots of people say it's not worth it now your thoughts verash on what to put in storm and tnx for advice it is really appretiated (don't need facet in as got 20/20 and dw on swap)
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld


Well, the thing is this:

At one point, some number crunching revealed that (unconfirmed) having 86 FHR with a Shael in your SS got you hit MORE than 42 FHR with a Shael while no Shael and 86 FHR got you hit less. I'm not 100% certain on the validity of the argument since I tried both and didn't notice too much of a difference.

Assuming that's true, then it depends on what FHR you're hitting. If you're hitting max then an eld would be best (gives more life than Jah). Otherwise Shael it.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I never drop below 86 fhr no matter what public duels to many smiters trappers with mb so eld it is tnx verash now my only problems are finding a godly fools rare 1 08 bk ring and 1 08 hls think I'll sell the wife :) tnx for advice verash it's been very helpfull ;)
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

NP, if you find a Godly Fools Quickness PB post a screenie so I can drool :D.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

If you want to drool verash go onto jsp look at acc epiLOL ive never even dreamed about gear like that Druids name is bm the rare zerker and rare cryptic are amazing not to mention all the perm 08 gear I'm drooling just thinking about it wish more of you guys played Europe though and how much frw you got if I use under 150 it seems way harder
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

For taking down Barbs? ~80-100. You shouldn't be walking after them.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I'm on walk duelling them but with over 150 frw I seem to get out of the way of them easier and if I can't get out of the way after I infect them I shift fury ^^
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

What I mean is that you should sidestepping WW rather than walking after them. For that purpose 80-100 is fine.
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I'll try 80-100 and see what happens but v fast locking tele barbs who can do tight wws I'm still getting my *** kicked but luckily I play pubs so there's not many of them there tnx again verash it's been helpfull as always and bep errrrr ^^
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

It's a steep learning curve to take on Barbs. There's a mix of running and walking involved and finding the balance is really hard.

Bep- DotA?
Re: Need wolf vs barb biuld

I'm finding killing about 80-90% of pub barbs are the easiest things to kill but the skilled ones are a very different story I do think alot of it just comes down to my skill level wich is ok in pubs but v good players I need practise shame not many of you still actively play or I might have remade him on us west or east servers to watch and learn butt I'll get there eventually and with precast and 1 angelic my lifes at 8132 with no bo so I'm getting there but then I have about 32k rabies dam not 58 k sorry to rabbit on ;)
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