Need Tips on Frenzy Barb


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Oct 25, 2006
Need Tips on Frenzy Barb


Im gonna start a Frenzy barb only thing im not sure about is weapons

What Weapons should i use ??

I was Thinking Grief(PB) and Death(PB)

PBs is nice and cheap ;)
Do i lose much if i make in PBs ?
Should i go Axe route instead ?? or CBs ?? :S
Maybe Death should be in a Eth CB or Colossus Sword dunno
This barb is For PVM only just kickass and some Uber runs :)

And another thing To do Ubers Do i need Full invent with Max/ar charms and Angelics combo ??
you lose damage and range. if you want swords (as they are so much cheaper than ba's (2.5ist for an eth ba, 1 ist for an eth cb) use collosus blades as higher base speed than collosus swords. you're on the right track with death, but i think botd is better than grief as higher ias, leach (both mana and life) and the huge stat bonus. since u said pvm, therre's really o weapon comparable to botd for barbs. You dont need loads of max/ar charms for ubers but the more the merrier :D i have afew that ive picked up, i never bother trading for em-they're not gr8, but they do the trick. at about 15k ar you should have no trouble. 10k+ is styill alrite/
BotD + Death is better, and get zerker axes if possible.

I would also consider BotD + Beast or Death + Beast

Don't for get to equip your faster weapon first.
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