Need Technical Support


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May 19, 2006
Need Technical Support


I'm having some problems with my cd/cd drive/computer...

Sometimes (like now....) when I put my Diablo CD in the computer does not read it.the CD drive does nothing. And I can't play.

Has this happened to anyone else? and if so how did you fix it?
Just tried this suggestion.

When I open the CD drive it claims there is no CD in there.

When I put different CDs in there it finds them just fine :undecided:
hm.. that seems weird... is the cd really scratched? also try opening it on another computer.
Are you using it in a different CD drive than usual? The copy protection on those CDs can be a real *****.
I had this same problem awhile ago. Is your drive older, or if you burn disks off of it, has is been used a lot. I used to burn a lot of CDs and my drive one day just decided to die, making it unable to read disks. One easy way to check is to find a blank, new, cd and then see if the drive can detect the disk. If it doesn't than your drive is dead, or you may have to check and see if the disk drivers are properly setup and that there is not a confliction.
If it is the copy protection playing up, the way to solve it is to burn the discs. Ironically enough.
i play with a backup copy of the cd, works fine
d2 has been known to have problems with some cd drives
Test other CDs, ones yuo know aren't damaged. If they are recognized, your problem lies with the D2:LOD disc, but that doesn't mean it's damaged. Blizzard has a fantastic way of getting under players' skins.
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