Need some help with cold mastery vs synergy for blizz sorc <


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Dec 19, 2009
Need some help with cold mastery vs synergy for blizz sorc

please forgive me for my bad English and grammar skills and so on and so forth :dopey: , i am not an english speaker .
hopefully you will understand me enough to ansewr my question
i saw the "cold mastery vs synergy" issue in some threads that have been posted in the past , i know its not a new subject
but i am looking at it from a difrent angle and i havent found the answer yet

i am playing Classic diablo in closed realm
i'm building blizz sorc and my max lvl will be 80

the 2 main damage dealing skills i will use are glacial spike and blizzard

the question why should i put more then 1 point into CM ? :scratchchin: (the first point gives 20%)

if i understand correctly CM is lowering enamy resistance by 5%
it is EQUALANT (for the blizz and the glacial spike skill) to the +5% from the synergys ? (+5% to my dmg is = -5% from enamy resist)

am i wrong ? will CM give more dmg ?
please state your opinions
Re: Need some help with cold mastery vs synergy for blizz sorc

A very simple example:

- you do 1000 Blizzard damage
- the monster starts with 50% cold resistance
- you already have 1 point in CM (-30%)
- you have 1 skillpoint to spend

The equation is (unmodified damage * (1 - %of final monster resists) = final damage), which would equal 1000 * (1 - 0.2) = 800 final damage.

If you spend the skill point for a 5% synergy that would make you have 1050 unmodified damage, which in the end works out to 840 damage after the monster's resistance is applied.

But if you had spent that point into the Cold Mastery instead of the synergy, then the 1000 unmodified damage would stay the same, but the adjusted resistances would be lower. If you plug those numbers into the equation, you'd actually get 850 damage from adding that point to CM.

So in this case CM adds more final damage than the synergy.

... however ...

In that example the monsters adjusted resistances were a positive number. If you have a scenario where CM reduces the monster's resistances to a negative number, the opposite will be true: one point in the synergy will add more final damage than one point in mastery.

So there's a balance point where it makes sense to pursue masteries vs. synergies. The balance point isn't something that's absolute, so you must decide what's best for you. For me, usually level17 Cold Mastery (-100% Enemy Resistances) is my first goal, then I'll boost my synergies. However, sometimes I'll go for even more CM before going for synergies.

The majority of the time you will not have problems fighting against monsters that begin with a naturally low resistance value. Your damage numbers will be strong no matter what, so if you add 5% more damage by a synergy, you're still going to kick their butt.

However, you may have some problems with monsters that start with a naturally high resistance value. Afterall, you can't damage them as well, so they survive for a longer time and will have more opportunities to kick your butt.

So (overall) it makes a little bit of sense to have your balance weighted a little towards lowering resistances than adding more damage. And as a bonus, with a high level of CM you know your damage is going to be pretty consistent, and not as dependent on the monster's natural resistances.

PS. Don't forget that items with +skills will boost your masteries, but those +skills do not boost your bonus damage from synergies.
Re: Need some help with cold mastery vs synergy for blizz sorc

thank you very much ! this was fast and helpful response !

why this forum hasn't "Ashamed" smiley?
i should have done this simple equation by myself .. sorry for asking the obvious, well i hope this will help someone except me .
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