Need help with my HYDRA/ORB mfer (newly made)


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Feb 19, 2004
Need help with my HYDRA/ORB mfer (newly made)

Hi all. Im posting this thread as im in a dire state of emergency. Ive finally decided to play Diablo 2 (Exp) after about 4 months, but have gotten some items from super uniques (luckily) ;). I need help with my Hydra/Orb mfer which is newly made when this thread has been wrote. I need to know which skills to get, when to get them, and what equipment to use. Since im an average poor-mediocre guy, dont go listing the obvious GODLY things like ISTED Occy or ISTED Shako. You know, things that i have a decent chance of finding in normal-nm. Currently, i have Wizardspike, Rhyme (in a crap shield), frostburns, Full Sigons, Goldwrap, Some decent RARE Pally circlet, some crappy boots, and some other junk too. If you have any advice as to what i can get for this stuff that will help my build, pls dont hesitate. ANY help is appreciated! THANKS ALL!

BTW this is drunkoncheese's brother;)
Ok, I'll try to give a few pointers, as I have a Hydra/Orb sorc I use to Mf, mostly running mephisto with a few trips to the mlvl 78 areas.

My build: max orb, max hydra, max fire mastery, max fireball, 1 in cold mast, teleport, es, froz armor, warmth. If I ever level past this, (she's 85 now, and does fine, so I don't know that I will,) I'll add to either cold mastery or firebolt. As for progression, max orb first, adding to utility skills along the way and 1 in cm when you can. This will take you thru nm without a lot of problems. Next is hydra and fm, then synergies.

The gear I use is farily affordable with forge drops and collecting pgems. Occy, ptop shako, smoke or wealth, +2 sorc ammy w/mf, glooms or goldwrap, rhyme (splendor or lidless would work well,) rare boots & rings.

Check out these posts for some more info:

I just read your other post (suspiciously like this one) and realized I had recommended a couple of items you said you didn't have. For hats, I would suggest peasant crown, tarn, or the lore runeword. +skills are always nice, and you can socket the first two with a ptopaz. A 3soc hat with ptops might work too, but it will slow down your killing (and maybe your living.) As for a weapon, wizspike or suicide branch would work, or you could shop for an orb with +skills. I found a nasty +2 skills,+2hydra, +3 fo, +1 shiv arm, +115 mana rare orb with some other minor mods, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to part with it cheaply. you can w/*cottn32 or *cotton64 if you're interested.
Thanks cotton for the guidance you have given me. The reason i have another post up here is because I wanted to change it, but I realized that I couldnt delete it. For MFing, how much would you say shako is worth, dont say runes, because im not gonna find one any soon. Say, like pgems, or items. Thanks for all :)
Price guide says PUL, which it lists at 40 pgems, although I would think it would be hard to trade pgems for it. There is a good price guide listed in the trade forums
for US east, and the one for europe has almost every item listed, even those worth pgems. They at least give an idea of what you should expect to give/get for an item.
Thanks again cotton, not sure if ill get pul any time soon. One final question though. What is 34% Gheeds and +1 skills Eschutas Temper worth? Thank you! ^^
not much im afraid, 34% gheeds might be wanted by some mfers but the 1 skill echustas is just pure useless, sorry to burst your bubble :hanky:
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