Need help with Bone/Summoner necromancer


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Nov 27, 2009
Need help with Bone/Summoner necromancer

Hey I'm going to make a bone/summoner necromancer soon and I need some help ! :)

These are the skill points I will be investing in

SUMMONING - 20 skeleton mastery, 20 raise skeleton, 1 clay golem, 1 golem mastery, 1 summon resist

POISON/BONE - 1 teeth, 1 CE, 1 bone spear, 20 bone spirit, 1 bone armour, 19 bone wall, 20 bone prison

CURSES - 1 amp, 1 weaken, 1 terror, 1 decrepify (only gonna be using amp and decrepify mainly)


Str: Enough to use gear
Dex: I dont know if I should put any points in dex (advise needed)
Vit: Dump remaining points here
Energy: My friend told me to get 50 points in energy (I do not know if I should do this or not)


Head: SHAKO (or +2 necro skills circlet with good mods)
Shield: Homunculus
Belt: Arachnid mesh
Boots: Marrowwalk
Rings: 2 SOJ
Gloves: Trang ouls gloves
Weapons: arm of king leoric, or boneshade
Amulet: Mara's

My main questions are

#1: should I get 20 bone spear instead of bone wall, I figure since I'm gonna be using bone spirt as main attacking skill I shouldnt max bone spear but max bone wall and bone prison so I can boost bone armour as well. Some people tell me to max bone spear instead of bone wall because it can be useful as well. I dunno if I should max bone spear or bone wall (either spear for utility or bone wall for more damage absorbtion for bone armour)

#2 I need help whether I should get dex for max block on hell or get no points in dex and just dump more into vitality

#3 Should I max raise skeleton or get revives, If revives is the answer how many points should I put into revive ?

#4 As you see in my stats, my friend told me to get 50 points into energy as he says my mana pool will deplete incredibly quickly lol. Take note that I'm single player so I cannot get meditation aura on my merc for fast mana heal.

#5 Does the marrowwalk glitch still work? Or did they patch it up lmao

#6 Please view over my equips and tell me if I need to make any changes

Thanks for your time :)
Re: Need help with Bone/Summoner necromancer

You won't become level 99, forget it

even if you do, it's not a good idea to invest in any summon skills when going bone. The damage for pure boners is low enough, with that, it'll be very low.

You also lack alot of fcr%. You don't even reach the 75% fcr, which is absolute minimum.

Marrowwalk glitch does not work anymore.

Don't invest anything in energy

Especially if you're single player, you'll NEVER reach level 99, and how will you get stuff like enigma and shako? (unless you spend 10 hours per day on that character for 5 years)

If you'll use the hero editor to get those items, you might as well get insight anyway.

You should read around a bit in the forums, especially the stickies. You may learn alot
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