Need help - sorc stuck in hell


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Nov 16, 2004
Need help - sorc stuck in hell

Hi - I have an almost pure cold sorc, about 14 points in blizzard, 20 points in frozen orb and cold mastery but with +skills bonuses my frozen orb and all other sorc skills are +6 (so frozen orb is 26 points).

I cannot, no matter how hard or slowly i try, make it past the flayer jungle, all the flayers are immune to cold and there are so many monster swarming everywhere. I tried putting points into some fire skills (1 point into meteor and prerequisites, so effectively have 7 points in each fire skill, including fire mastery, but the fire spells do too little damage before I die, with flayers etc swarming all over me. I have decent gear (peasant crown, skin ot vipermagi, and some crafted amulets and rings).

What should I do, please help I have been trying for ages.
I'd start a new sorc. You wasted a lot of points with both blizzard and orb - they're not synergies. You should have picked one or the other, then maxed out the synergies. That will give you points to build up a fire skill if you want. but you might be better off getting a strong merc for cold immunes.
my merc is quite strong, he is about level 76, i got in in act 5 nightmare, he's a barb. he has tal rasha's headpiece for life steal + cool other mods and reasonably good defense, and a collosus blade with the runeword honor in it. the armor needs improvement i admit, just a godly wire fleece with 990 defense. I need to find a socketed armor of some kind and runeword it (or a good unique will do).
assuming i will want to keep this sorc in addition to a new one, can i possibly expect to complete the game (i spent a lot of time on this game from scratch, no trading immense items to it from a mule etc, so i am reluctant to give it up completely as a lost cause)
Even if you don't manage to complete hell with it, join a public game (assuming you are on and get trav / meph out the way. Then get the river of flame wp from a public game and do the hellforge in a private game. At least you have the chance to get a good rune that you can use to start your new sorc.

A failed barb that I started at the beginning of Ladder 2 gave me an Ist rune the other day as i had forgot to do the hellforge before starting a new character.
You could always turn it into a mf sorc. get a rush and level up on baal runs, then use it to mf. that's what i did with my sorc, she's only slightly messed up. i accidently put 2 points in orb, meaning to click on blizz. and i put a few points in enerygy shield, but don't want to max telikenisis. but she's getting some good items for my other characters that they'd never find on their own.
thanks for the suggestions.
unfortunately i am not on battlenet, this is the my first ever character. maybe i can get a friend to tcp/ip with me past hell then as you say, magic find in places with no cold immunes (ancient tunnels and boss runs).
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