need advice on my merc


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Jul 6, 2004
need advice on my merc

my merc is a act 2 nm might merc he is level 82 i need to know what to equiped him with he is using bonehuwe ogre axe right know any advice you could give would be appreciated thanks

Lord Kime
If you can afford one,give him a reapers toll thresher.It packs chance to cast decripify,which lowers enemy physical resistance,damage & speed by 50%.So..they'd take more damage from you,deal less damage & attack slowly.

Apart from that, onboard leech & itd,its just plain supreme.He'd hit often due to itd,therfore trigger often & leech more life & stay alive due to frequent hits.Your merc can tank baal with that thing.

If not go with bonehew with amn runes.

edit: already have bonehew,I thought you were asking for weapon choice,ok then for gear:A levi would do great,an eth shaft is fine as well.For helmet either vampiregaze for dr & leech or guillaumes face for cb/deadly.

A Doom ethereal cryptic axe is a great choice as well, since it has huge damage, gives your merc +2 to his aura, and gives him the holy freeze aura as well.

Helm-wise, a Ral'd Andariel's Visage is pretty much the best helm you can get for a merc, since it has +2 skills, huge defense, life leech, 20% ias, +strength for more damage, and massive poison resist, which is generally a merc's biggest threat. The Ral rune will remove the negative resist penalty. Ethereal one would be godly.

I`d use reaper`s toll as weapon with/without soket - shael if soketed. Head - Crown of ages with 1 or 2 15%ias jewels. Body - Guardian angel.
very hard to choose between reapers and doom but personally i like modifiers so id go with a holy freeze merc with eth reapers and eth andys (like hal said) and the good ol eth shaft stop
Well it depends,if you are conc/frenzy with some ctc goodies like amp,lifetap etc-youd want to choose doom since decryipify creates overriding issues. Doom is better for zerkers as well,since their dmg is magical,decripify's main benefit of -50% physical resists is knocked out of the equation & doom's freeze effect becomes really attractive.

but if you are ww,nothing beats reapers.CTC doesnt work & due to the relatively lower per hit dmg of ww & no synergies,decrypify provides a rocket boost to your damage output.

edit: phew...gooey's absence has increased the workload,11 posts in 3 hrs.
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