Necro summ/Cplosion question


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Dec 8, 2009
Necro summ/Cplosion question

Hello there, my current build is
Skeleton Skills maxed
Other summons 1p
all but the 3 left-hand side curses 1p (terror is 2p accidentally)
Bone armor, teeth 1p
Corpseplosion maxed
I am at lv 86 and have done all bonus skill point quests, where should i stick my remaining points that i will get from 87-99.
Initially i thought about revive, because i have enigma and it would be very fun to tele around with a massive army :crazyeyes:

(Also i have around +17 necro skills)

I can solo just about anything (haven't tried Ãœbers, lilth ect)
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Re: Necro summ/Cplosion question

There is a lot of debate on this topic.

Choices generally are:
-Synergy for bone armor. More defense.
-Mages. Minimal offence and more meatshields. I use mages because they protect you from being attacked on 2 fronts. The cold/poison is good for Ubers I hear (poison prevents life regen).
-Revives. I think you get enough from +skills.
-Bone Spear. Getting the first kills to raise your army. My merc never has problems with this any way.
-Curses. Improve radius and duration to make cursing easier. I plan on spending some points in amp on my new ladder fishymancer.

This thread discusses some of the options as well:
Re: Necro summ/Cplosion question

Good options include:
dim vision - increased radius offers better survivability against high damage ranged attacks that pierce (gloams).
synergy for bone armor - more life means the shield stays up longer. useful for teleporting.

Outside of these two options there aren't any skills that will prove useful in general situations with more points. Amp damage is a particularly bad choice as long as the amp radius is > than the CE radius and since CE grows by .4 yards a point while amp grows by 3 yards a point this is never really an issue. Revives are almost never discussed as a legitamite option becuase they aren't. At 85+ they never die in PvE play and most areas will not support a full army in the timer each minion is alloted. Additional points show almost 0 gains in actual play. Bone spear is brought up even less often because its damage is piss poor in hell difficulty without synergies. Minion masters should be running a merc capable of one or two shotting every normal mob in the game so first kills should never be an issue.

The tread linked above mentions bone spells as an option with marrowalk boots but that bug has long since been fixed. It also makes out mages to be far less useful than they are, if 20 points in mages does nothing but allow poison mages to negate moster regen on bosses not immune to poison they're worth it. They also synergize great with skeleton mastery and infinity. Honestly though, in regular play amost all the damage is going to come from CE after the first body or two goes down and allmost all of the damage for the first couple bodies comes from the merc. If you're looking for places to put points after skeleton, skeleton mastery, and CE then pick skills that are good against bosses or are good in situations where you would normally die i.e. mages for bosses with regen and dim vision or bone armor synergies for gloams or teleport deaths.
Re: Necro summ/Cplosion question

Ok, thanks for imput, i have now decided what i am going to do.
I will get bone armor synergies and rest to it, i have been lately dying to those pesky midgets in durance :crazyeyes:

Also my personal experiences with bone mages are very positive, i can easily kill physi immunes without having to cast amp dmg, what i ofc spam quite alot
With revives, the maulers on hell really own, having a crushing blow in their attacks! I think the 1p is enought.

Anyways i really LOVE CE, nothing truly resists it and is VERY damagin (with 20points in it and another 20 from other sources, it really destroys packs of monsters.
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