My potential necro summoner


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Apr 16, 2005
My potential necro summoner

Hi all,

Just want to know the killing speed and effectiveness of this build I plan to make. I will have:

20 RS
20 SM
20 SM
1 pt all curses
20 CE
1 pt golem master / clay golem
1 pt revive

Glooms Trap
nagel rings
unkown amulet

I realize that the equipment is not optimal and could be a lot better but this is my fourth character and I dont realy want to strip items off my pally, sorc or amazon for him. Will I be able to kill at a decent speed with this setup (without any merc), i will eventually get an A2 Might Merc once I have gear for him to wear but until then i'll go with no merc... if you think the killing speed will lack then I won't make him till I get better gear..

As far as relative killing speeed by other chars are:
82 Lightning Sorc (Infinity, Griffons, etc..)
84 Zeal/Smite Pally (Grief, Hoz, etc..)
77 Multi/Strafe Zon (Faith, Fort, etc..)

Slow. Nowhere near the vast potential a summoner has. Allow me to explain:

No Merc. That is an issue. Even a Might merc with crappy equip is STILL a Might merc, which means he can potentially double the damage of your skellies and thus double killing speed that way alone.

No teleport: Teleport is a necessity for swift killing. Enigma or a teleport ammy are necessary. Otherwise you'll have to wait for minions to catch up, revives will be nigh useless, and you won't be able to focus all of your army on any Champions/bosses. Teleport is your best friend.

Infinity: You may want to swap out that Infinity weapon off of your sorc and onto your necro merc. Infinity lowers defense and resists, which means your CE (primary weapon of mass extinction) will do even more damage especially with Amp Damage already cast on them.

Hope this helps.
cool, maybe i will get a might merc with random equip for hte time being..
I might switch Infinity from light sorc but she does so well with it.. with her 30k lightning :)

p.s. i do have teleport as mentioned I'm using Enigma
That setup you listed is far more than enough to kill quickly. I just finished Hell in Single Player with my summoner (max skele, mage, and mastery) untwinked. For merc equipment, just gather up a few PGems to get all you need. My summoner's merc has Guilaume's Face, Duriel's Shell, and a "Strength" (Amn + Tir) eth Ogre Axe, all of which probably cost less than 1 HR.
Your setup will be fine, you have everything that a summoner NEEDS, so your killing speed will be fine, especially after your switch to infinity. Might mercs are essential, even with awful equip, their not going to die much with 26+ or so skeles and mages running about :p.
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