My new poisonmancer


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Aug 13, 2005
My new poisonmancer

I like to play the classes that are not as common, and for some reason you don't see too many poison necros on East ScL, so I figured I would take my savings and build one. He is at lvl 84 right now, and not quite finished. I maxed nova and synergies, and am in the process of maxing bone wall. bone armor, spear, LR, golem master, and fire golem are all one-point wonders. Right now he is using a shako, enigma, Dweb with pfacet, arachnids, spirit, trang gloves, ss treks, soj, junk ring, junk ammy, torch, anni, and cta/spirit on switch. With this setup he is doing about 6.9k novas, and can deal with most immunes with Dweb and LR.
Even in his unfinished form, I extremely pleased. He is an absolute blast in pvm. He can clear zones incredibly quickly, and destroys the pits and chaos. His play style rocks. It is kind of chaotic, and basically comes down to finding massive packs of monsters, Tping in and out of them, pulling nova driveby's, and getting out of there before things close on ya...a ton of fun in wideopen zones like chaos. I dont have a merc yet, but I am planning on getting a a2 nm defensive, and giving him an infinity. Combine that with 9pnb gcs, a nice necro ammy, and another soj, and I gotta believe this guy will be an absolute beast. There isnt as much room for error when compared to other classes...gotta have good tp skills, but once I finish equipping him, and master the play style, it is going to be difficult to find a build that can clear chaos faster. Once I get some more funds, I will probably try him out in pubs. With a 2/20/ circ and ammy, and a 10fcr ring he'd hit 125 fcr bp, and 86fhr assuming I can get a 12 fhr pnb gc. Although the one problem with him thus far is resists...Which are far from good, so that needs work as well.
all in all, I think this build is going to be one of the more rewarding characters I have played, and if your thinking about making one, i'd say go for it. One question...what armor for the merc? Would the poison increase from bramble transfer over to nova damage?
hmm, just found out infinity doesnt lower poison resists....What should I do for merc setup then?
Obedience..I Might have to try that out. It is a pretty cheap runeword. What armor?
Insight if your a glory hog and want to steal all of the glory from poor jemali and waheed, Obedience if your a team player :prop:
i was actually thinking of starting one of these myself but in the process of "testing" it a few things flagged up. 1 was resist 2 was fcr....

is spirit the way to go? i was only looking at homu and a pfaceted monach.
i liked the damage the monarch came up with and i thought that the -res would help out alot vs people.... now that i think about it with LR maxed you get 60 something -res and dweb is another 50(if p) so -110 to poison res.

another thing i was testing was shako with a pfacet vs shako with um.(res a little bad)
with my set up i had sh!t fcr, only got it from trangs and spider. so a whopping 40 woooo lol :D but throw in a nice nec amy and a fcr ring maybe swap out shako for a nec circ would up him a bit. dunno still might try, circ can be expensive tho same with the fcr ammy.
btw anyone know how much they usually go for? something like with a bit of stg and life with +2 and fcr???
Something you may have overlooked=trangs belt and shield. When combined with the gloves you gain another -25 to enemy poison resistance. Damagewise this greatly outweighs the +3 skills you are getting from spirit+arach and opens up a ring slot so you dont need ravenfrosts CBF. (its really only +1 skill anyway because trangs shield has +2pnb)

The only thing you sacrifice is fcr, but with the right circlet/amulet this should be a non-issue. Besides, I know as well as you do that one or two novas will pretty much clear a room.

If i ever get my hands on another Dweb ..
Haven't tried the 3piece trang combo yet. With Dweb and LR already reducing resists by over 100, I dont know how big of a difference the extra 25 from the trangs combo would make. For Pvm, the lost fcr isnt a big deal because you would still be able to hit 75 pretty easily. But for pvp, which I plant to do when I finish the necro, I am convinced that 125Fcr is a necessity. Also, Spirit makes it a heck of a lot easier to hit that 86fhr bp. For serious playing I dont think I would use the trang combo, but it would be fun to keep it in the stash along with a bramble just to mess around with.
Also, for those of you who mf with a poisonmancer, where do you go?
I have been having pretty good luck clearing pits, tower, and chaos. I have also found that the massive carver camps in some of the a1 zones produce a lot charms, and the occasional uniqe...just tp to the middle drop a nova, and you have 30 dead carvers. Where else are some good mf areas for poisonmancer?
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