My new (first) ama


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Mar 16, 2006
My new (first) ama

How 'bout a ama with 20 guided arrow, 20 poison javalin, 20 plague javalin and the rest in passive and magic skills.

As for gear: trang gloves
upg Lycander's Aim, upg Titans/Stormshield,
gore riders,
Valkyrie Wing,
Atma's Scarab, Raven Frost, Dwarf Star
And some armor :rolleyes:
And some belt :rolleyes: XD

Could this work in pvp ? :scratch:
I'm not sure about the gear but the build could work, i can't remember how venom affects plague javs but i think it increases the damage so you might want to consider getting something to prebuff venom.
Unfortunately, PvP Amazons and low budget isnt the best of friends. I would strongely suggest Faith as bow, Lycanders just is to slow. And for amulet Cats eye with 30%frw, 20IAS and 20dex is just a 'must' for PvP imo. Also the helm wouldnt be my first choice, only good is 20frw and 2 skills(to boost psn skills), a magic helm with +2skills/30frw/2sox would be a much better option, but ofc alot more expensive.

Just my few cents..
How nice.. just looked in the guide pages.. finding some good info. And all i can say is : Crap.. XD
I thought i was doing something new ^_^;
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