My new character


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Nov 14, 2006
My new character

Hey whats up, I feel like making a new character but i have no idea what to make. I want to make something useful and that would be fun to do lots of baal runs with. I like magic users the most and dont really want a sorc, but give me your ideas because i might like them. I have a fire sorc, hammerdin, summoning necro, smiter, and trap assassin. Thanks :).
summon necs do good in hell on cheap gear

are you playing on bnet/ladder or sp/open?
Frostmaiden Bowazon!!!!

I'm not sure if you'd consider Freezing Arrow a magic thing, but at least it's not a melee character.
I would get easily bored of a bonemancer, i have had like 3 fire druids, not sure about the frost maiden i was interested in it before, ill check up on it some more later.
I remember that charged boltress guide back in 1.09...
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