My Monster pyscho kill all assn

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Jul 15, 2003
My Monster pyscho kill all assn

lvl 85 all quest completed

ber'd shako
highlords wrath ammy
2 bulkathos wedding bands
draculs grasp
shadow dancers
verdungos coil
chains of honor Boneweave
Shaeld bartcus and sheaeld ghost flame
Back up items (incase the going gets tough)
natures peace
raven frost
atmas scarab
rising sun
wisp projector

Stats with first set of equipment on:

20 venom
20 dflight
20 dtalon
1 claw mastery
1 fade
1 shadow master
1 mind blast
12 wake of fire
6 pre requests

any suggestions on equipment skills stats are gracioulsy accepted
I have a few suggestions. Don't max df, you need more points into weapon block and probably a few into claw mast. Why 12 into WoF? you only need 1 point for kb, 12 seems wasteful, especially when shadow master is more useful then a weak trap.
Why not an archon coh? the str req is alot less than boneweave and it's pretty much the same def.
instead of wearing 2 bk rings, sub one for a raven, the dex and ar will help.
i only use shadow master as an attraction and the wake of fire is for pvm
But i get plenty of + skills from my items. Also when i made my coh i didn't have a archon plate. Also str. adds to kicking damage. I have raven as backup but i prefer the health.
No Death Sentry? That's blasphemy for PvM. If this is PvP, well, that's a different story.

All in all, the dex seems too high (you only need enough dex to equip your claws unless using a shield), Highlord's Wrath seems like a waste (Deadly Strike does not work on kicks), and I really don't see enough Crushing Blow for PvM (fine for PvP).

You never mentioned if this was PvP or PvM (or both?) - either way, that Shadow Killer isn't going to do your kicks any real good. Go with dual tucs, or tucs + jade.
I have to agree that the extra points in WOF were a waste. Those points in Weapon Block would get you up to about 60%, which is more useful than a 12 point unsynergized WOF. Might make a decent caster killer in PVP, since you might 1 hit kill a lot, but I don't think that it will work for melee PVP. PVM I'm not sure about. I have an 83 mageslayer that has a tough time in hell PVM in multiplayer games, but kicks butt against casters in PVP. All depends on what you want to do with her.
Why do you use Shadow Killer ? I cant see any interesting kick assa mods. Freeze target doesnt work with Dtalon, and SK is very slow. Use dual Bartuc instead or Bartuc/Jade if you need resist.

Only 12 point in WoF is a waste of point, because you cant kill anything without synergies when you play in Hell. One point in Death Sentry is much more efficient.

Instead of maxing Venom and DF I prefer a strong SM, and more points in WB if you only use dual claws.

If you want to boost Dtalon, then get some CB instead, and the monsters will drop dead in no time. My kicker can kill Hell Baal in 40 sec with 60 % CB.

Get rid of Ghostflame and use Fleshripper in stead:

+(200-300)% Enhanced Damage
-50% Target Defense
Prevents Monster Healing
25% Chance of Crushing Blow
50% Chance of Open Wounds
33% Chance of Deadly Strike
Slows Target by 20%

Cheap but very deadly weapon in the ‘feet’ of a kicker.

Good luck
im thinking about different rune words with crushing blow. ne ideas. I might get and gulliames face for her but i need my shako for the + skills. My weapon block is fine with my + plus skills. That fleshripper looks nice though. might get me one of those :) .
Also im going to do some crafting for some better gloves. Draculs don't have ne crushing blow and they don't have slow enemies or ias. Wake of fire is just some fun points. I like seeing the people and monsters burining in an ocean of fire. Thinking about picking up a good shield to for when i use fleshripper. Shield options are minimal though cause i don't have very many. possibly an black oak shield. but maybe ill get a bow too for some other annoying characters to swap too. I want this character to be able to take down ne build.
Is this PvP or PvM? Also, why do you need the +skills? I can see some justification in PvP, but not PvM - your kicks are the big factors there.
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