My first untwinked Mat

Road Ratt

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Dec 1, 2005
My first untwinked Mat

Hey all, I'm Road Ratt :wave: . I don't post here a lot but I've been playing SP again lately (after my friends leave bnet for the night) and trying untwinked characters for the challenge. My first two character builds failed, I know why though so I will try them again soon. I'll keep this short so here she is, my first untwinked Mat.

Name: River-Tam (Yes I like Firefly :smiley: )
Character: Blizz Sorc
Lev: 78
Exp: 621,805,962
Resists: 56/-5/75/-5
FCR: 50

Stats: base/ w equip

Str: 80/80
Dex: 25/41
Vit: 315/335
Nrg: 60/103

Life: 961/1001
Mana: 239/528


Glacial Spike: 876 - 933
Ice Blast: 1579 - 1643
Blizzard: 3344 - 3553

Skills: base / w equip
Warmth: 1/5
Static Field: 1/5
Telekinesis: 1/5
Teleport: 1/5
Frozen Armor: 1/7
Frost Nova: 1/7
Cold Mastery: 7/13
Blizzard: 20/26
Glacial Spike: 20/26
Ice Blast: 20/26
Ice Bolt: 15/22


Peasant Crown
+2 Cold Ammy w/ +23 energy
Demonhide Sash w/ +29 LR
Vampiremagi w/ 23 resist all
Rare Sparkling Ball w/ +2 sorc skills, 20 FCR, +20 mana, +19 FR
Manald Heal
Rare Boots w/ +38 LR, +36 FR, +18 MF
Tower Shield w/ 3 Flawless Diamonds

Merc Gear:
Tals Helm
Duriels Shell
Pierre Tombale Couant Partizan

I did all of my mfing in nm and for the most part I didn't find a lot of great stuff along the way, I got a Fal at nm forge and a Pul at hell. I was going to mf in hell when I "hit the wall" but that never happened. I did have the usual trouble areas in hell for a blizz sorc - viper tomb, flayer jungle and frozen river, and died several times trying to get through them but it wasn't as difficult as I had thought it would be. I never would have thought it would be possible to Mat her with such mediocre gear and such bad resists, but it was possible so I learned something new. That's the thing I like about SP, I've never learned more about playing D2 than the short time I've played SP, so I'm going to keep playing it after my friends get off bnet for the night. I don't know what my next character will be, I don't know all the untwinked builds that are playable, but it will be untwinked again as I've found it to be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading, RR :prop:
Untwinked chars can be Patriarch, Matriarchs............. and Guardians :wink3:

Check out Wolron's Weaponless Guardian and Crazy Wayne's NAKED Guardian (he even landed some punches, yes, punches at most act bosses in hell).

Congrats on the mat! She seems very solid, although being one elemental carries the worry of dealing the immunes to your element
What makes a character a Guardian? Also I did a search but couldn't find Wolron's Weaponless Guardian or Crazy Wayne's NAKED Guardian.
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