My first untwinked HC single-pass trapper in many years [by okey]

Feb 24, 2004
Originally posted by okey on Mar 14, 2017:

What's up everyone, so yeah, I had an account here a decade or so ago, but as with everything in life things goes and become forgotten.. How's things? Anyways, here's where the usual spiel of where I have to type the generic response of I played D2 during x and stopped, replayed it at y, and z, and now I'm back. Alright good, we are all caught up now.

For the past half week I decided on playing a HC Single Pass game with a trapsin being my character, but it may just be my memory being hazy but I've got some questions and may have more to come as well, preface I use rwm and gomule so I can get the Ladder experience minus the lag/tppk/loltorch-n-anni, the player difficulity I'm playing and plan to be playing on will be p8/p8/p1 for n/nm/hell.

Here's a look at my stats before we start getting into the nitty gritty:

Sia lv61(having just graduated from the esteemed and unrenowned sin university, she has been living the life as a jobless vagabond, unfortunately because of some mishaps she has been unwittingly hyped into being a traveling wastrel. disposition: happy-go-not-so-lucky)
1.3k/400:hp/mp (she's got girth as she went all vit)
86fhr/ 90/53/75/43:fire/cold/light/poisonres (res all maxed when faded)
424 def (1.1k when defianced)
32MF(pre-respec'd was at 200)
Used quests: n-sockets (4os broadsword), nm-embue (eth partizan turned viper song),nm-respec

1pt wonders: shadow master/mind blast/bos/fade/cos

Jemali lv60(an unfortunate fellow, used to be the traveling companion of Gheed and Marius before all the mishap happened; the day it all started this bloke paid for everyone's tab at the monastary's pub, due to a high stakes bet, his companion, Marius spiked his mug of ale suffice it to say he past out shortly thereafter. Deserted and left stranded in the ruins, he was found by possessed rogues the following day, from that day forth he lived a wonderful life of S&M pleas--torture. As he spent his time in paradise, his IQ and EQ drops by the day. Just as he was becoming accostumed to his environment some asshole yet again set blaze to the building he was in, this time killing him. Mysteriously, he found himself woken up in the barracks which he used to station in the room he was stationed within. Since at this point even an lobotomized vegetable is brighter than he is, he doesn't find it strange at all. He just goes with the flow.. However, unbeknownest to everyone he is was and always will be the incarnation of the 4th Great Evil, the one that everyone always seems forgets, the outcasted brother of the Trio; even this bio has forgotten the name, The Great Lord of Forgetful Pleasure. He dies but with enough gold he'll immediately come back, harder better faster stupider. His inner nature has him secretly attracted to Sia. Disposition: FaBuLoUs~)

1k/0:hp/mp (yes, he's special, he's a living undead undead yet everyone in Diabloverse acts like it's normal, all that trauma in spent in the cell --you know the one during the D2 intro there was a guy screaming his head off enjoying in the S&M play-- has in turn lost all of his own cells)
2.9k def

runewords: spirit crystalsword(28fcr/102 mp) // rhyme boneshield && Lv2 LR-wand // nothing
uniques: vipermagi (27res) // sander's gloves // hotspurs
magics: bahamut ring (116 mp) // magekiller's amulet (1 sin)
rares: havoc crest circlet (2 traps/14str/34fireres/79gf/atk takes 5dmg) // plague clasp demonhide sash (17fhr/6str/11coldres/17lightres) // rune grip ring (10fcr/76ar/1str/14nrg/47mp)
inventory: 4x4 vacant space
merc: viper song eth partizan (51-112dmg/4LL, what an over the top name for such a crummy weapon, such a downer) // treachery cuirass (200def) // artisian's great helm of remedy (72mf; sitting on a Tal's Mask but sadly it's at restriction of lv66)

What's my likelihood of getting any better gear now that I've plumetted my MF down to the levels of less than mortal men?

What's a good merc weapon mid 60? I'm still rocking a eth partizan I found in normal which I embued which gave it a measely 4% LL. Should I gamble for a polearm..? I've tried that but it only gives me normal tiered polearms.

Which brings me to my next question: How does gambling different tier weapon and armor work? Does the game only show lowest tier gear that changes tier once bought? I've been really want to buy a magic casque so I can make some LL headgear for merc so he doesn't have to keep hogging all of the sin's amber colored ale.

Is it just me or the game got a hell lot easier? I don't remember ever being able to respec before. Just before my face-off with NM Duriel, I've respeced and literally dumpped all my points into VIT as well as redirecting points amp'ing up the dmg on deathtraps by 2 folds, that's 700dmg to an astounding 1.4kdmg.

4th Edit added: Is there a socket recipe for Uniques? As I do not want to have to find out I am unable to socket my armors if I used up my remaining 2 socket quests, would be nice to know in advance.

3rd Edit added: Does the items within area treasure chests/pots/... revolve on player's MF that opens it? or is it pure random? Reason I'm asking is I've been noticing that regardless of my chests/pots/... been supplementing the better half of my gear

2nd Edit added: Does + to skill affect synergy of a said skill or only hard points do?
I noticed that only hardpoints affect the number of shots my Deathtraps can perform; however, in regards to dmg I'm not so sure.

Edit added: Oh yeah between CBS and SWeb, which of the two should one consider maxing?

Lastly, I don't know if I'm piloting my sin properly or not but how's my action plan..? I really don't remember how I used to play sin, been grabbing at the the ropes and using google for the better half of the week..
Encountering ranged: CoS -> SM into the pack -> Mindblast til one of them turns coat -> spam Lightning Traps til corpse spawn -> Death traps galore
Heading down into new area (from open area to a closed one): CoS immediately -> SM half a screen ahead of me -> Mindblast the dark -> traps for everyone
Immunes: Spawn SM on it -> LR-wand -> traps festival -> play hot potato, fire blasting all the way.
Amp./Light/Fire/Cold Enchanted Stygian: Crying (I'm dreading this foreseeable encounter..)
Hell Duriel: a (My n-duriel wasn't that bad.. it just killed my merc enough times to make a roadside vegetable look like a genius when paired up between the two, nm-duriel died half the 1/3 the time of n-duriel still it's too many; dreading the hell assuming I get that far)
NM and Hell Ancients: freaking (I have no clue, if this wasn't D2 but the real world, I'd say these guys were sexually repressed as they are really too gung-ho on "testing" me.. least that's how my experience was during normal. I remembered these fellas got enchanted doing crazy damage with each hit)
Hell Nith Temple: river. (I recalled those snakes doing stupid crazy damage with their poison.. can't remember now, still dreading the encounter.)

I may have left out several things as I've been saying earlier my memory is getting to me. Help is appreciated, criticisms is welcome, cheers and thanks in advance.
Lynchgrinch said:
Sounds like a fun but tough project! I don't think I've ever even got past NM with a HC character...not that i've tried very hard! Too much of a wussy! I commend you for your bravery, especially (If i understand correctly) that this is your first character since restarting?! That takes some major gonads.

Keep us posted!
okey said:
^ Thanks, and I'll try to do that.

On a side note, after burning through close to 2.5million gold just to gamble a casque, I found out you can just straight out buy a magical casque from Gheed. After buying 5 casques and making a batch of casque I'm satisfied to say that Tamale- I mean Jemali is rocking out on his new imp brow (10fhr/30ar/1LL/8ds). He's getting there.

Latest update:

Just advanced into Hell. Nearly died twice. Once due to fire/amp council specifically gunning me then exploding on my body, and another due to stygian wave from a shadowy corner from behind. Corpse explosion from my Death Traps nearly killed. Both times tanked from full to 25% hp. I'm glad Sia's a big girl and went all into vit.

Goodies found during this act:
fal, x2 shael, hel, cubed up about 7-8 pgems, Tal Mask, 4os partizan (donno if I should make a insight or wait for a better base), x2 amns, sol, Fetid Sprinkler
T72on1 said:
Grats, well done so far.

I'd definitely make Insight. It will allow you to really spam those traps without having to worry about mana. That's your merc's main goal anyway. You should be able to keep him safe with proper use of CoS and Mindblast.

About CBS vs SWeb, I would always max CBS first. It's a great boss killer, while SWeb isn't something you'll ever use, since it's damage is laughable, and it suffers from NextDelay.

Good luck !!!
okey said:
^ Thanks for the input, and as for the insight unfortunately or rather fortunately I guess I recieved the news a tad late.

Current progress, the story so far: I have not bite the dust yet. That aside, an eth yari dropt so was feeling lucky, and since I had the runes for obedience I went with the mindset of getting a 5os with the recipe.. would you know it, I got a... 2 os instead. So god gave me lemons, well f-it I say, I'm turning that 2os into lemonade, so that's what I did I made a strength instead. Which is nice since it gives 7LL and str and some really nice CB, gives the merc a bit of the oomph he so desperately needs. I went with max SWeb just for the hell of it (bad pun, I know).

Anyways, went land speculating, the property in hell seems alright, a home consist of 2 rooms, for Sia it's alright since it's within her budget and there's easy access to a park for a nice stroll and relax.. that is if you can ignore the constant screaming of tortured souls and angry locals running amuck speaking of which, the locals are just too nitpicky with their HoA standards and regulations-- Sia, having just moved into a house was greeted with egging of spells on their new property, talk about a kind neighborhood greeting. Suffice it to say the two quickly hightailed it out of their newly unpurchased house.

And so the two went about their way touring the country side, destroyed the soulstone since Cain kept ranting about how we must destroy it, Sia was not impressed, in her mind she was saying to herself "look old man, you already told me to do that once already in normal, why don't you do it your lazy bastard,-- yeah better yet, go into retirement already, you're starting to croak, maybe if you died and asked Tyrael to give you some angel wings shoot you up with some angel steriods, suit you up so you may be useful to me, maybe, just maybe I will stay awhile and listen to you." .. But yeah I digressed a bit, regardless Sia and Tamale arrived to the entrance of Diablo's Sanctuary. At this point Tamale's inner demon was complaining how he should have inheritted their family's house rather than his good for nothing brother. Level 65, still alive and kickin it (well not really, since I'm not a kicksin, though you get what I mean).

More updates: Advanced into nm a5 at nith's temple. Notable loots: 120 bahamut's ring got this beauty outside of abaddon dungeon dropt by a skeleton, cubed up a 97mp/3nrg/8reg caster ring (because I accidently cubed up my previous 112 bahamut after swapping out with the newer one .. fml :( ), aaaaannd an eth headstriker, I'm going to ditch my Tamale and hire a barb merc.

Noteable incidents: Treeshok (the unique mob that guards the passage way to crystal cavern) nearly killed me with his earthquake move when I was amp'ed, that was fun. Inside Glycial trial's 2nd floor, immediately got gunned down by a pack of frenzytaurs lead by a might enchanted champion.... further buffed by a nearby pack of harpies enchanted with fanatacisim. Suffice it to say I downed my entire belt and liberously spammed mind blast until I caused a revolt in the ranks. That was seriously a bad experience, nearly died no joke there, had less than 10% hp before I downed my juvie. The downside of having max vita... can't block squat.

Bonus: Just socketted the Headstriker and inserted a 15% ias jewel. Saying the last rites to Tamale as he is fed up with not being able to bum drinks from Sia, he wishes to lodge in with the northerners. Cheers to whichever new barb I acquire.
So the newest addition to this traveling circus is: Folcwald. Jeez what a f'd up name to name a person.. In fact I get the feeling the Great Lord of Forgetful Pleasure has possessed this fella. His name sounds even more messed up than the last! From Tamale to F'wald. This is quite the sardonic playthrough.
okey said:
More updates: Headstriker Barbarian is an absolute monster; he literally melts enemies like hotknife through butter. The bad side however is that he kills himself pretty easily if IM gets casted on him. Had to rez him x7+++ times. I'll probably upgrade the Headstriker once I get the runes.

Notable incidents: Surprisingly Ancients was a cinch. I was expecting myself having to run around like an idiot, but the Barb held his ground like a champion. In fact the barb basically solo'd ancients, my traps just expediated the process. Baal was an ass though, tough to pin down also killed barb over half a dozen times. Speaking of which Baal dropt Infernostrides.

Future: My next plan is to revisit the previous difficulty to refresh f'wald with better stats. Then head back to NM to get Cows out of the way before moving onto greener pastures in Hell difficulty.

Now: Did all that I said above. current stats as follows.

lv74 both myself and merc.
1.5k hp/450 mp
Ls 2.9k / Fblast 700 dmg
Walking into hell with Max res on Fade save poison and cold which sits at 50~.

okey said:
Update: Arrived at the Monastary, current stats goes as follows:

Sia lv76
1.6k hp/450 mp
460 def
Ls 2.7k/ Ds 1.5k/ Fblast 680~ dmg
Res at 95/21/50/-12 ; with potions and fade boosts everything to cap.

1.4k hp
700-1.6k on normal hit. When this guy attacks, this guy attacks stupid retardedly fast.
55/75/55/55 cap'd on fade
1.4k def

Story so far: During my journey throughout this playthrough I've accumulated a lot of junks and trinkets (too many to count), regardless I've rummaged through my inventory and played around with stat bugging equip trick which lets one wear equip by using charms and str modifers found on gear. To make a long story short I've managed to acquire a pretty nice belt, thing is first it was normal tier meaning it would only accomodiate 3x4 potion slots, and I didn't want any of that so I upgraded it up... However, lo and behold I then stumbled upon yet another issue, I didn't fit the stat requirement of 55; I've only have 44 after gear... suffice it to say I went willy nilly with the stat trick and am now a proud owner of this fine mesh belt:

Raven Winding
5ctc frost nova

Aside from that I've been contemplating which all HC players dread often: FE/CE mobs and those pesky souls. Which got me thinking maybe I should sacrifice some damage (ex. +2 trap amu) in favor of further survivabilty, so I did just that. I swapt out my amu for Noko Amulet which was collecting dust for god knows how long (since normal viper temple I believe?), which combined with Hotspurs a few charms here and there, boosted up my res to 95 without fade. Which is nice. I then swapped out poison charms out in favor of lightning charms and remaining charms goes to the highest live scs (11/14hp). This combined with the previous aforementioned belt combination bumped my sin's hp to a staggering 1.6k hp, which at level 76 is pretty freaking awesome considering this is without the effects of CTA.

And now onto F'wald, this guy is a walking mass of wrecking ball, he just mows everything that isn't phys immune down in seconds.
I've found out the reason to why while looking it up online to make a long story short it says something that barb mercs do more damage with 1 handed swords than 2 handed ones, and factoring in how the barb pretty much crits on every hit due to deadly strike, it's no small wonder why he isn't a walking wrecking ball with the headstriker equipped.

Now the only issue I have now is when he has to face off against bosses which.. I really don't know what I'll have to do... I've looked up Blackhorns but I'm not chancing on it since my MF is a lousy 25 atm. During my trip in the pit I happened upon a 2os conquest sword, it's a shame though it wasn't eth, but still I'm considering on getting it turned into strength runeword just for the CB effects.

Which now brings me to a question: Which would be more effective against bosses Headstriker or Strength or is there a possible third contender?

okey said:
^ That's good to hear, I'm playing the 1.13 patch. Well the thing about the IM is it sure felt like it was IM when those harpies kept curse spamming me. The barb merc can only single wield anyone type of sword based weapon.

Update: Blazed through rest of Act 1 (by the way Strength worked its magic until merc died half way into Andy's lifebulb. :( My mercs seems to the new diet rage with these bosses) and partway through Act2, currently at the part where Jeryhn asks you to investigate his home's demon rat infestion.

Now there's good news and bad news: The good news is, I've cleared up a lot of my wares, the bad news it was all the good ones :( pgems, a good 24 or so of em. I tried my hand at rerolling grand charms which dropt by Andy but the thing didn't even reroll into a skiller, I ended up only get an Iron Grand Charm of Blight, it ate all those gems and in return gave me this-- it's literally a bad luck charm. Make a long story short I sold it off to Fara as she has a thing with junk wares being that she's been eyeing a lot of things in my chest. As far as improvement in gear is concerned, somewhere in the desert of A2 a Large Charm of Vita which gave 35hp dropt, so I did what anyone would've done and swapt out my previous x2 sc which gave 25hp with it. Besides all that there wasn't much development.

Current stats:

1.65k hp
2.9k / 1.5k / 700 dmg on ls / ds / fblast

1.45k hp
750-1.7k dmg on normal hit; very very fast attack speed.
okey said:
Updates: Just killed Duriel and advanced to A3 without a hitch, F'wald only died once. I figured out the key to keeping the mercs alive, it was to use Life tap wand; Life tap in conjunction with with enough pot and SM spamming allowed Sia plenty of breathing space as well as time needed to kill Duriel.

As for the loots I garnered, with 25MF , here are my spoils:

Other loots I got during this act includes:
- yet another Vipermagi (same amount of resistance unfortunately, however magic absorb is higher so that's a plus)
- another fal rune (which I then cubed up into a lem as I had enough to cube them up)
- Spineripper
- Tal belt

Things I learned during this act: Charged wands are an essential toolkit, at the moment I have Sia has two types of charged wands; one of em is a Life Tap another is Lower Resist. For general PvM purposes I keep the LR on switch, on bosses it'll be Life Tap. Lower Resist really sped up the kill rate when it came to Blunderdores (w.e they are called) since those freaks seem to have an absolutely ridiculous amount of HP...
okey said:
Update: Advanced into Hell A4. Loots:
- eth valk (shame it isn't pre 1.09 :(, oh well, not like I would be wearing it either ways)
- 2 pbs which I then cube socketed into 5os and 2os
- shael
- bloodfists
- 3os battlesword (might consider making lawbringer into this)

Notable near death experiences:
Styigans :( -- The very first underground dungeon, in the first roundabout I was being overly cautious; because you know in HC hell when it hits the fan, it hits the fan fast. So just for sake of caution, I placed down lighttraps alittle ahead of Sia, then I summoned my SM around the bend, lo and behold I hear the particular skeleton midget hiss, a group of em. To make matters worse within seconds everything around the bend got ampp'd. Luckily, merc didn't give a single f-- he is the bold Folcwald. Wiped out the group of baddies with the traps as backup... but it doesn't stop there, oh no.. There was another uniq stygian a screen across that randomly decided to port right ontop of me infront of a group of dead corpses with deathtraps still active. Regardless to say Sia's hp tanked from full to 50% hp, luckily however Sia wasn't amp'd otherwise I truly would've done the deed right then and there.

Fast, ColdEnchanted, Strong bats with stygians at the rear.. -- these fellows mean buisness and when they die they will all seem to take out a good 500hp if your'e within their radius, it's fortunate I went BoS otherwise I would've been hit by all of them.. instead Sia took it like a champ and dived straight into the cold enchanted bats as there was no other recourse.

And now here's some screenies:

Having journeyed far enough, Pinky and the Brain-- I mean F'wald and Sai somehow or another became pupils of one "Master Dragonhand" apparantly he teaches the way of the Dragon's hand... so the two deciding to undertake some swordsmanship class from the local sword instructer "Master Dragonhand". The two performed to the best of their abilities, however...


... f'wald being kind and understanding barbarian that he is, and with the assistance of Sai, helped Master Dragonhand into a early retirement. (ps. this fellow here needed to be LR, luckily I brought my wand with me)


F'wald looks around and mutters, "Think anyone would find out with the master gone?"
"You ask me, look around us, do you think anyone would find out?-- Let's just leave that hammer there, nobody would suspect a thing, oh and don't forget to bring his gem, idiot." (Sai)
":(" (F'wald)


In a Mephisto like voice: :mad: "Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine!~" (Meh-fisto)
:confused: "What? Why is everything getting dark a sudden?" (F'wald)
"Don't look at me, I drank mine." (Sai)
"F'--!" (f'wald')
okey said:
Update: I remembered how powerful CBS is when maxed while doing my errands in hell, and now I'm in Act5.

P.S. Fighting Diablo was mind numbing. Nearly died due to bone prison + lightning hose.. Sia pretty much up and played chicken with Diablo for a full 15seconds. Suffice to say, Sia's CBS > Lightning hose. Truthfully speaking, I was tempted in S&E there.. Sia fell below 10% x4, had to chug all of my belt and even attempted to port to town (Which isn't possible due to prison). Lucky for Sia she's got girth. :) PS: Couldn't get a good picture of Diablo fight, sadly I had to pay more attention to what I was doing or risk doing the deed.



okey said:
I feel much stronger now


Just finished killing Nithlak, his plosions does a little more than half my life.., luckily my plosions follows the same principles.


Things I am glad about:
- there is no mob other than nithlak that knows corpse explosion
- there were no souls, harpies, stygian dolls while I was down in his lair
- that I have close to 1.75k hp and 95% fire res.. otherwise I would've deed due to said nithlak's corpse plosion.

Stats so far:

Sia Lv83

1.75k~ hp/476 mp
3.2k ls/1.5k ds/ 700 fblast
95/29/73/-3 res w/o fade

Folcwald Lv83

1.6k hp
eth headstriker: 800-1.8k per regular regular hit, hits very fast.

Notable items found so far only includes a hel and amn rune.
okey said:
Update: Finished Ancients after 20~ minutes of playing dodgeball with Madawk. Details in pictures below, but before that some minor recap since last update: I rearranged my inventory by removing my cube and placing more hp charms, this configuration allows me 3x4 free space to pick up a 2x4 piece of equip and 4 gems/runes.

Come out, come out where ever you are, uncle has a special candy to give you! (Madawk)
Hopefully he can't find me here.. (Sia)

Sometime 10 minutes into the left-clickathon...

F'k, finger jamming up, got to take a breather. (Me)

Came pretty close to death a bit of times..

Notice the belt? Yeah, this guy even burns mana, what an asshole right?

Hahaha, you finally gave up! (Madawk)
Meep-meep. (Sia)
?? (Madawk)

Fuu-- (Madawk)

--aaAARRK!!! (Madawk)
Up yours Madawk! (Me)
okey said:
Update: Guardian'd

Was fun getting through the stygian infested hellhole.. in retrospect killing Baal was much easier.


After killing Baal I went off to greener pasture in moo moo land.

Sometime into cows, a ring dropt, my very first unique ring of this entire run!

But alas, it didn't matter as Sia's people needs her and she left through DESTRUCTION'S END.

Endgame results:

Sia && Folcwald: 84
1878 && 1662
MP: 376 && 0
DMG: 1-3545 LS/1-1570 DS/1-533(x8) CBS/705-927 FB && 804-1802 very fast attack speed
RES: 95/24/73/9 (unfaded) && 67/75/67/67 (unfaded)

Notable loots (location found, if left blank I forgot):

x2 lems (a3nm & cubed)
x2 ko (a3nm & hellcows)
x6 shael
x3 hel
x2 fal
x1 lum
x7 sol
x6 amn
x4 dol
x2 io
x2 vipermagi (a5n underground river & hell)
x1 nokozan relic (n)
x1 occy (a2hell)
x1 tal mask (a3n)
x1 tal belt
x1 ik helm
x1 eth headstriker (a5nm, glacial trials)
x1 eth valk wing (a3hell one of the ruine temples)
x1 sanders gloves (n)
x1 bloodfists (a3hell one of the ruined temples)
x1 hotspurs (n)
x1 pnb gc (nm)
x1 5 all res sc (a5hell)
x1 bk ring (hellcows)
x1 116 mana bahamut ring (rip, accidentally cubed it into trash)
x1 120 mana bahamut ring (a5nm, outside of abaddon)
x13 cathan ring (yes you count that right, 1-3)
x4 pbs (x1 cubed5os, 1x cubed2os, 1x cubed3os ->lawbringer, x1 blank)
x1 superior edge bow (15ed3ar shame I don't meet the req for it or I'd make an edge in it)
x3 4os crystalswords
x1 3ox ceremonial bow (3bows)
x2 monarchs
x1 5os flail
x1 3os mageplate
x1 3os lightplate
x1 2os flail (15ed3ar)
x1 2os waraxe(15ed3ar)
x1 4os protector shield (28allres)
x1 rondache (30allres)
x1 3os wyrmhide
x1 venom grip
x1 2os arakan targe (29allres)
x1 3os great helm (15ed)
x1 rattlecage
x1 crushflange
x1 fetid sprinkler

Runewords made:
x3 spirit (x1 broadsword, 2 crystalswords)
x1 smoke ethbugged serpent skin
x3 rhyme (x1 towershield, 2 boneshields)
x1 lawbringer pb (16sanc)
x1 treachery cuirass
x1 edge shortbow
x2 strength (x1 eth yari, 1x conquest sword)

It's done!

Now on to the next..
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