My First Necro...Summons?


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Nov 27, 2006
My First Necro...Summons?

I've been playing d2 for about 6 months now, and I've been working on a zealer pretty much the whole time, through 3 rebuilds and a lot of messing around, I like him. So I'm looking at something different to try, and the necro looks like a really neat kind of character, but I don't know anything about them. (and I get the feeling attacking stuff on my own is probably a bad idea :p)

From what I've read, I like the idea of having a cranked CE and just watch gore and blood go flying and laugh as things explode. I'm hoping I can somehow factor this in :p

I don't have a lot of resources for trading (HR's etc) so any thrifty ways to start out are effective.

MF would be a great bonus if it can get worked in there, but for now I'm more focused on learning how a summon necro is played, and how to not get his pasty white *** killed.

Thanks :)
Well depending on your budget you would want to read the fishymancer guide or commandomancer guide @ the Mouldy Tome. Heck i quit a year ago and started with a summon necro a few days ago and he had self found, gambled or even shopped items (god bless the Golemlord prefix :p) until yesterday when i gave him the good stuff :p This i did by picking up every flawless gem that dropped and cubing them to perfects! Actually if u are new then go with a uniqs set up or full trangs and learn how to play summoners properly. Then when u are richer and can afford those awfully overpowered runewords u know u have the skill inside the gloss ^^ For my necro i went (in exact order):

max raise skeleton
max skeleton mastery
max skeleton mages
max corpse explosion

I only went into hell after maxing mages and having a point into Dim Vision for blinding pesky ranged attackers and gloams/souls and i have yet to die lol Cheers and good choice for selecting the summon necro :D
I you want to try a summoning build, the one batuchka gave you will work. You might want to add in some curses, to agment them tho. Amp dmg will help ur skellies A LOT, while lower resists will do the same for your mages. I guess it comes down to which one you like better.

In regards to your items, stick all the MF you can on your nec, you won't be getting hit very often with all of those minions around and so you should be very safe. Skellymancers are pretty good for MFing and you should soon have a good number of rares, sets and unqiues.
Without trying to offend you but on the contrary as a kind invitation, spare some time to go through the threads on this forum (necromancer). Nearly all of them are talking about summon necro, and nearly all of them display the same type of information , what skills, how to finalise, to tune it.
It is always a good start, as you did not enter in this thread in detailed issues..

And then, once you have a question that really bothers you, do not hesitate to post. There are also some guides stickied at the top which will be of great help on the different necro builds.
Just as a supplementary info. Some builds were neferd when Blizz removed a bug using "marrowalk" boots which granted a huge synergy on Bone skills. And therefore, bone skills are a bit neglected at the profit of full Fishy (max skellies and max mages) necromancer.
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