My brother and I (repost)


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Dec 8, 2006
My brother and I (repost)

Sorry, accidently posted this in the sp trading forum, somehow!

We used to play d2LOD all of the time on battlenet. We had crappy computers then and the game ran just fine 99% of the time. Then we quit to play warcraft, got sparkly new computers both with over 1gb of ram and video cards more than capable of running warcraft. So we played it for awhile and got bored after about 1yr.

We decided to return to d2LOD because we both love to mf, IT's GREAT FUN!

However neither of our computers run it worth a damn today, and I dont understand that at all. Is it just that blizz no longer maintains their d2 bnet servers? Because our new computers should have 0 troubles playing on bnet.
It's not just a little laggy, it's unplayable.

So anyway, I decided to come here and see what SP is all about while he is out of town working. That way when he gets back maybe I can tell him we can still play together and avoid the lag bnet produces.

Ive never played a tcp/ip game, so my main question is, are they hosted over bnet as well? If so I suppose we will just scrap d2LOD again and find something else.

True SP is ok, but I hate mf'ing with a ZON and fignding great gear for a necro etc and not being able to trade it away.

I'm not particularly fond of add on programs such as the atma I read about here. Not because I dont appreciate their value, but because I am pretty much computer illiterate and can never get them to work right, if at all.

I still remember life without winzip, it was great and everything worked fine. I'd like to choke the inventor of it!

lol... anyway Can we play tcp/ip games together and avoid the unplayable conditions of bnet?
TCP/IP games are played between your computers and bnet isn't involved.
If all you want to do it play with your brother, TCP/IP will be perfect for you. One of your computers will be the host, and only really old computers will have a hard time hosting. (So use the fastest computer as the host for best results.) TCP/IP doesn't go through at all.

If you and your brother are on the same network, you just need to put in the IP of the host computer when joining with the other. If you aren't on the same network and the host is behind a router, you will need to do some configuration. can help with that.
Also, if I may add, ATMA is just incredibly easy to use. Even for someone functionally computer-illiterate like myself. Of course, the way I do it, I don't have it running while I'm playing the game. I had absolutely no trouble installing it on this machine, either. (Had some confusion with my old computer, but the game was also darn near unplayable on it, too.)
Also, I believe if you play on Open the speed is determined by the "host" as well. So maybe you can have the fastest computer host a game there (with a password, others will probably show up with there uber/hacked/cheater gear and ruing your game otherwise) and the other just join that game.

I'm not positive that Open works that way, but I'm pretty sure it does. Please correct me, someone, if I'm wrong. This should solve the computer "illiteracy" problems.

And as for trading, there is a single player trading forum for that. ;-)

GOod luck

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