My bowa's gear.. seems useless...


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Nov 30, 2006
My bowa's gear.. seems useless...

I just lvl'd my bowa the other day to 65 so she can use some of her gear, and im dissapointed in it.... here is the gear ive got..

HELM- Gskull w/ a 40/15ias ( i know not a 2soc lol.. )

ARMOUR- 160/60 sup 15ed AP ( should i have gone the fort route? )

GLOVES- +2 bowa 20ias +3dex ( figured they would do )

BOOTS- gores ( can;t think of ne thing else.. gores prett much take it for me lol )

~~~ MY BOW ~~~~ 14fant +1/+3 GMB faith.. ( would that +1 make ne difference )

RINGS- duel Raven Frosts (in total, +38 dex 40 cold sorb xtra AR)

AMMY- i have no clue right now, my res is pathetically low.. should i go with a maras of some sort or go with HL's/ cat's eye?
~~~ Put in mind im too lowa lvl yet to use her anni and torch... xtra 36res~~~

My reson for posting is my damg, even conesiderin gear plus +5 bowa gcs is like 1-3.7k guided..... that is really lame i think.
Drop the useless bow GC's and get some +max/AR charms. Also, can you post your stats? (this is 1 of the few builds where stat isn't enough for gear/block, rest in vit) Also, what are you (PvM, PvP)?
pvp lol..... and ty for the advice.. what about pd scs? should i maybe invest in that?
ty for the help.

stats i believe are..... w/ gear.... are

Str- 124
Dex- 173
Vita- 304
nothin in mana..
If you can I recommened wearing a Delirium helm.

With it and strafe monsters so rarely attack my zon that I don't really care about resistances and health.
Northern, I believe he's pvp I believe, so Deli won't help. IMHO when you pvp, make sure you reach the fastest attacking bp, I believe you do that anyway. My equip is almost the same, except I use a 120/45 helm and fort, so I can take advantage of ed in both helm and body. On the other hand I have to fill up my other slots with ias gear. I'm currently at 4.7k guided w/o any charms. Also, I noticed you pumped your VIT as opposed to DEX, I did the opposite. Remember, zons get dmg from DEX, but run low life (@ least glassers do). GL w/ your zon, and don't give up, zons can take on anything given the right terrain and enough frw (maybe not all auradins?).

if it's a pvp char u need kb.. u could get this from gloves 20ias kb kloves (adds like str and dex is nice).
i have a dexazon with over 7.4k pure ga dmg with 7frame speed.
items i use: faith gmb helm 119/45 21dex (if u can't afford something like this mavina helm with 15ias jool work too) forti 20ias kb 10dex gloves nosferatu wt 2x raven cat's eye. inventory is filled with max dmg / ar / frw,life and dex)
str enough to wear gear
dex all the rest (i have 61x dex)
vita nothing
energy nothing

and btw u shouldn't stats your char before u can use anni and torch (u can ofc calculate it before torch and anni and stats after that)
i agree with normannen.

pvp zon should be pure damage with little or no vita. she is a one hit wonder both ways. one hit with GA = death for them and one hit by anybody = death for her. that being said, don't worry about resists, or vita. you just want mega damage.

on a side note, i made a nice pure damage zon but i always had problems with pally's with their shields. i find it next to impossible to kill chargedin, hammerdin, or even smiter.
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