muling in ME?


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Nov 1, 2003
muling in ME?

i'm not sure if talking about mods and stuff is appropriate here, but i was wondering if anyone plays the ME (Middle Earth) mod and how they deal with muling and such, if they do mule? ATMA screws it up, you lose everything that's not in the standard backpack/stash squares. i guess one can do it by having a friend make a game on open bnet or something, but is there any way to do it solo?
Well, most of the forum members don't play mods. However, I don't know if you can use ATMA or something similar for this, but you could try to download d2gfx.dll and replace it with the original. (try a google search) That allows you to open D2 twice. You can create a server then and connect on it with another char! :)
I've not seen many posts from any Middle Earth players, so you probably won't get any solid advice here (likely some decent guesses though). I suggest Googling up the Phrozen Keep - folks there may be able to help.

Good luck.
If I'm allowed to ask, how is the ME mod with 1.10? I know there were some players around here back in 1.09, but I too haven't heard a thing about this mod since 1.10 came out and I've always been very curious about it.
check out that rather chilly place that AE mentioned, they'll have the most up to date information on the mods, compatible programs, and problems encountered.
From what I understand, ATMA can work with mods that just change text files, but tends to choke on mods that use expanded stashes and inventories.

Apart from the modified .d2gfx file mentioned above, I believe you can also use WindowXP's "fast user switching" feature to achieve the same thing: start a MP game with one user, switch to another user and join that game.

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