Mounts in D4.


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Jan 6, 2021
So I just happened to see the poll on the front page about what mounts should offer in D4, and it got me thinking about the natural follow up question when mounts become a topic of discussion in games. Mounted combat.

Now, I'm not sure mounted combat would actually work in D4 without taking a pretty serious departure from the traditional gameplay present in the Diablo series, but it did get me wondering what form it might take if it was introduced. Also, I see that D4 will apparently have an open world environment, which in all likelihood means the world won't be completely saturated with enemies the way it is in previous entries. That could open the door for some mounted combat mechanics.

I'm curious to see what your thoughts are on what mounted combat might look like in D4 if it were to be implemented. Would you just be throwing some basic abilities and attacks from horseback, similar to The Witcher 3? Would you be limited to causing a modicum of damage by running into things? Or could they go all out with some dedicated weapons and mechanics, like in Conan Exiles? Or maybe something completely different? (Spoilers contain a couple of videos for reference.)