(mostly) Complete MF plan


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Jul 18, 2003
(mostly) Complete MF plan

Summary for those who hover topic (love that feature!): Project: create 2+ characters that can optimally run 90% of the important hell mode MF spots.

Here is what I have now:

Hammerdin creates game. He has completed all hell quests except countess and cows. He's also got the andy bugdrop but as it turns out it doesn't matter (explained below). He does a pit run, then opens the cow level, and leaves the game.

FB/Orb sorc joins. She has not ever completed the meph quest. She will kill countess, andy, and meph, getting the super drop for all of them, since andy is bugged and meph can't be completed, and the countess' chest will open (not sure if this affects the countess' actual death drop, anyone know?).

Bone necro joins. Base raise skel, high skel mastery, revive from an item, rest in curses and bone skills. He has not completed the diablo quest, so he goes and kills diablo, getting the super drop and not getting the quest. He then clears the cow level.

Death sentry + kick assassin joins. She hasn't completed hell baal and (you guessed it) she kills baal. I'm starting to think that she should do the cows also...

Here is what has been done in this game:
Pit run
Chaos sanct
Cow run
Worldstone keep lvl 2+3

I'm not rich so this has spread my items a bit thin, and it's slow in places, especially with the bone necro. I'm working on a FoH pally to see if he can do chaos faster. I'm wondering if anyone has comments/suggestions/does something like this in a different way.

For the andy bugdrop, it seems like it doesn't matter whether she is bugged for the char who makes the game, just the one who kills her. I messed up the sorc and ignored kashya, and my first test run of all of this, andy dropped only 2 blue items. She dropped 2 rares the second time but it's still crappy. This is another area where more knowledgeable input would be nice :)

*Footnote for items used by these characters:
- Pally uses hoto, war travs, peasant crown, smoke, goldwrap, chance guards, gheeds.
- Sorc uses occy, silkweave, rhyme, tal mask ammy and belt, vipermagi, frostburns, and all the 7mf sc ive found. Love to find tal armor for her.
- Necro uses boneshade, marrow, shako, up'd vipermagi, goldwrap, frostburns.
- Assa uses bartucs, jade talon, up'd gores, guillame's, nat armor, string of ears, soul drainer glove, and my only sweet sweet anni.
hehe :lol:

sounds like fun, but i would just get sick of comeing back to the same game with other characters just for a buged drop, i did something like this with few mf buddys, but only with baal, in the end i find its better to make a game with hammerdin or witch ever you like. i use orb/cl sorc, but i mf just fine w/o trying for bugged drops, i think you spend a lot of time switching witch is no fun and lose time mfing, and speed is key when mfing. if you find its more productive, then the normal way, plz lets me/us know.

now i am not saying its bad idea witch it isnt cuz 1st drop is always items, i just find time is an issue when mf and switching kills time that you need.
Hmm if u dont have two copies of diablo then u will have to wait for 5 minutes before leaving with hammer so u could take out council, they have a nice chance of jewelery and charms. Or just attack some cows until the 5 minutes has past. But how did u level ur sorc and necro without doing Baalruns? It would take quite some time.
well not really, nm baal run takes to 75 if one is patient :) and a few pit runs with friends should lvl up to 80
[exile] said:
can someone explain the andy drop bug please? >.<

2 bugs that I know of.

(a)First one is that she cant drop magic (blue) rings, only rare, unique or set.
And her chances of dropping rings are higher than they should be.

(b)If you havent killed Andy, join a Hell Baal run (where everyone has killed Andy obviously) and then Kill Andy. She will drop as if it was a 1st drop - and you wont get Quest credit, so u can keep doing Andy Bug Runs.
Thanks for the replies and for reading this. I try to keep things to a minimum but there's always one more thing I feel I should mention.. Kind of like that last sentence. :)

@Singollo: yeah you are right, it's not the most efficient way to MF, but I hate playing the same character all the time, and this keeps me interested and playing different areas as well. The drops are indeed slow but have been good so far...

I bet a dedicated meph/baal runner would get stuff faster but I just can't stand the repetition. Maybe the pally could call the game "enigma for ist" to boost the drops :idea: I'd like to add hell flayer jungle to this set, but I'm not sure what to use (ww barb? been a long time since I played one, and I have an ethereal edge.. maybe fury wolf since I enjoy those too)

@mr.dines: don't have 2 copies or I'd be tempted to do classic forge rushes instead.. and sadly I'm so slow with the pally that it takes him 5 minutes to find/clear the pit and find tristram (I'd get bored and quit within a week if I used mh). The council is a great idea though, hadn't thought of it & will start doing that too :)

All chars went to hell at lvl 72-74. They will level as they do their runs (or die trying), or get to the act that they will run. The sorc is fast enough with her end of the work, but the bone necro is a bit disappointing. He survives ok but mana pots don't drop fast enough for him and he stalls frequently. I'm looking for a better class to use. Tried a summon necro and it was even slower. Could use some advice on a good build for hell diablo...

@exile: Gaza is right about (b) and AFAIK (a) also, but there is a way to get andy to drop like it's your first time killing her, even if you have completed the quest. But explaining it would be no fun! Some research on these boards should turn up the answer though. Took me a few weeks to learn out how it works after I first heard about it & saw some strangely good andy drops. Hint: it has something to do with talking to Kashya.

Anyone have a char they like to use to run hell diablo or baal? I read something about a lightning javazon for baal, and I have eth titans & buriza somewhere... gonna try that next.

Also, are there any other areas with like a perfect char to run them, that I could bring in to this?
hammerdin is nice against diablo and its quite easy getting to him, as u can ignore the curses. Haven't tried with lightning zon, but might as i have one levelling.
A lightning zon is good for killing Baal's Minions and Baal. The tricky part is reaching them....

I do Hell Diablo runs with my lightning zon. It takes about 15-20 mins. I'm sure it could be done faster if you chose gear specifically for this one purpose (she also runs The Pit, Council, Pindle/Eldritch and even Cows if I'm really bored). I use mostly MF gear for clearing Sanct (about 300% MF), and more MF gear for Diablo (400+ MF). The only problem I've had is when the Grand Vizier spawns Phys Immune (I use Eaglehorn with a few points in Strafe on switch).
A lightning zon is good for killing Baal's Minions and Baal. The tricky part is reaching them....

Doesn't Bartuc always spawn Lightning Immune? Or does the zon do enough non-lit damage to deal with that?

-Chris, never played a zon
She does enough non-lightning damage to deal with LI's (except Burning Souls/Gloams). Mostly my Merc/Valk kills them while I shoot off a few arrows (after zapping with Slow Missles if they're LE). The boss creature is the only thing that survives LF so it's not a problem.
poison/summoner, or summoner with max CE make for good mfers where you can have almost all items for mf. i find the poison summoner to be the better for the reason you can keep like 80% of the screen poisoned and if you have the right items (deaths web) you can dish out massive dmg and if you solo you can kill almos everything in 1 -3 novas. lower reist can break the immunes so its a good all rounded build. i use orb/cl sorc and poison summoner, both have about 300mf and can solo many areas in games wih ppl

so if you want a good alaround mf try one of these (if your sick of the hammerdins like i) just more options to sorc hammers or fury zon
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