Most weird area you farm?


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Jun 28, 2020

I believe the most popular areas to farm are well known
and I am wondering; is anyone farming in an area quite not famous?

It's funny sometimes to see screenshots of nice drops but in rare locations.
At some point, I was farming in Maggot Lvl 3.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good drop to post a screenshot
but it was quite fun for a change.



Mar 24, 2020
This is what I have:

- 2 fire sorcs running Glacial Trail
- Trapper running the 7 (5-6 more likely) tombs
- Looking for a target for MS bowazon
- FA bowazon running Nihlathaks' temple level 1&2 (on rare occasions when I play hero
- Looking for a target for nova/fb&meteor sorc
- I have good WSK map for my summoner all the way from level 1, so I start from Ancients Way (+ level 2)

@Excalibur good thread!


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Jun 24, 2020
I run the flayer jungle in normal till 25-27(depending if char needs insight or not)

Btw why are you sorc players have no skill on the left mousebutton, attacking with your weapon is slow and therefore you should have at least a spell there.(in case of missclick)


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Jun 28, 2020
I think fire related builds have a harder time to find a proper area to farm.
I also have a fire sorcy which farms Glacial Trail and I have to say it was quite refreshing!

I think the two portal pits in ACT5 would be a nice area to farm if only they were leve 85 level areas.

@d2lover It annoys me when I want to move and she stands where she is casting a spell due to a mob being nearby!


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Mar 16, 2020
I have a fire sorc and fire Druid that both farm the Mausoleum. A85 area but only like 4-6 boss packs on average.

trapsin that farms Nihlathak’s temple all levels

I’ve farmed City of the Damned with my pit barb too


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Mar 19, 2020
Lately I've been playing a lot with fire druid called BurningLoins and fire being his main element the farming route is a bit unorthodox. Aside from from the obvious boss pack hunting key part of the strategy is P7 settings, killing big packs of thrash mobs and popping all kinds of chests, graves, goo-piles and whatever else that can be popped. Here are the areas and targets I run:

  • Mausoleum (alvl 85) - poor monster density but probably the best place for popping poppables after LK
  • Maggot Lair (alvl 84-85 ) - open "rooms" tend to have a nice monster density and also has super chests
  • Ancient Tunnels (alvl 85) - a decent area to farm with fire builds
  • Ruined Temple, Forgotten Temple, Forgotten Reliquary, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary (alvl 84-85) - these are not that great to be honest and I tend to farm them for variety, even the chests seem to be empty quite often?
  • LK superchests
  • Eldritch and Shenk (alvl 81) - great density... that's about it
  • Glacial Trail (alvl 83) - a very interesting area for fire druid my favourite combo of monster spawns being melee skeletons with ghosts and that's when I clear the entire place, also spawns Bonesaw Breaker and a sparkly chest
  • Drifter Caverns (alvl 84) - varies from poor to great depending on monster type and boss pack spawns, includes a sparkly chest
  • Icy Cellar (alvl 83) - great monster density, great monsters from rune hunting perspective, can be quite tough though, spawns Snapchip Cumberbatch (Snapchip thanks @Helvete for giving him a new name) and a sparkly chest
  • Pindle, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, Nihlatak (alvl 83-84) - Both Halls have sparkly chests and Halls of Anguish can spawn massive amounts of Fetish's and if it does I tend to clear the whole area
  • WSK lvl 1 (alvl 85) - depending on monster spawns either clear the whole floor or just hunt down bosspacks

I've been enjoying farming with fire druid in these areas a lot. It's different from the typical areas I'd run and what makes it even more varied is that I choose different tactics on each run depending on monster spawns. If Glacial Trail spawns fire immune Moon Lords I don't have to bother with them just because I run the area but when it spawns with massive amounts of melee skeletons and ghosts there's gonna be a barbeque.


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Mar 25, 2020
Nice list J-Dog. I need to get a firesomething and give those a go.

I find my Bonemancer (with close to 0 Mf) more often than not in the P7 Flayer dungeons 1-2. (alvl 81 and 82) trying to get some bases and maybe some rune. Good density of lots of small critters quickly disposable with CE. The entrance happens to be really close to Spider Forest waypoint on my map. I don't bother with level 3 because so few monsters and a hassle to get to the boss without teleport.
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Mar 16, 2020
Only atypical farming I do would be ruined temple on my pnova nec. The rest of my farming is pretty standard meph, trav, pindle, ancient tunnels, pit, and lk


Apr 4, 2020
One my favorites for my necro summoner was all the false tombs in the Canyon of the Magi of act II, usually ending up taking out Duriel at the end of the run. After clearing the a tomb (or getting to the chest) tp back to town, dump off items found, head up back to the Canyon and back to the next tomb. Some of these had sparkly chests very close to the opening, had good monster density, and I could have a long session of farming, which is more my play style (opposed to farming pindle).

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