Most badass skill?


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Nov 18, 2006
Most badass skill?

pretty self-explanatory title.

im sayin either leap attack or whirlwind or werebear
for the moment im saying deathsentry simply bc for 1 cast it can deal so so so much dmg
HAHAHAHAHA chuck norris and jack bauer, thats funny! that seriously made me laugh out loud
EDIT: oh i forgot, i think Bhammer or fire blast from the sin's traps! its so badass with its synergies! but no one uses it :(
i think that the barbarian shout that does damage is the most bad ***... imean.... he literally deals thousands of damage just by yelling "AAAAUUGH!!"
I'm gonna go with corpse explosion in PvM :p Its murder in moo moo farm with a summoner necro with revives, skellies, mages, merc, golem for company :p
My favorites:

Grim Ward-
Basically, this skill is "I'm going to do something so messed up and scary to the corpse of an enemy that I just killed that even the UNDEAD will be afraid to mess with me". Seriously, how badly do you have to mess up a corpse to get a skeleton to think "Oh no, I better stay away from him, I don't want him to do that to me!". I mean, it's not a spell or a trick or anything- it's just defiling a body and letting the results speak for themselves.

Not Leap Attack, just Leap. At high levels, the Barb *NOT ONLY* flies through the air and lands 16 or 20 feet away (take that, Morpheus!), but he lands with such force that enemies the size of small houses who are an entire screen away get knocked back. I mean, these things can stand still when they're getting bombarded by Hurricanes and Meteors and Tornados and yet a Barb hopping up and down can send them flying even if they aren't even in the same room as him. Seriously, people might think that Berserkers are the biggest Barbarian Badasses, but give me a good Double Thrower with lots of Leap and Grim Ward any day. Those skills scream "don't mess with me!" so loudly that even the Minions of Hell listen.

Come on, seriously, how ridiculous is this. The amazon's like "not only am I going to shoot you dead, but I'm also going to nail you so hard that my arrow goes *ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR BODY* and continues on to hit your buddy behind you. Oh, and there's a good chance the arrow's also going through again and hitting the guy behind that, and even the guy behind that, too.
Overall...I like Corpse explosion.... it's effective no matter where you are.... just insane. It's a stand alone spell that doesn't need any synergies, or even alot of points in it.

Synergies/higher level wise...Hurricane. A good hurricane druid is the bees knees. Especially when rushing people through normal/nightmare. "Here I am, rock you like a hurricane!"

For appearance wise..... I get a kick out of the charged bolt sorceresses. Just fun to watch.
Some more to add...

Fire Blast - FRAG OUT! Who the hell doesn't like lobbing grenades at things?
Blade Fury - They're shurikens. What else to say?

On the other hand, the LEAST badass skills:

Smite - Whomp someone with your shield. Woo hoo. Think Goofy from Kingdom Hearts. Woo hoo again.
Blessed Hammer - Who cares what damage it does, it looks stoopid, and it's the one skill that gave birth to the most overrated class in D2.
smite should only work on demons and undead, and it shouldent involve a shield :p

well, i suppose, thats a different kind of smite tho :wink3:

EDIT: and the damage would be over nine thousand
With your avatar I guessed you would prefer lightning bolts.

"And now, young Skywalker... you will die."
If the lightning bolt would "stick" instead of travelling through, it would be my choice. It would cripple the skill tho. New skill in D3? :laugh:

Oh, and i do prefer lightning sorcs.
In literall views .. of all the thigs that would kill someone the hardest.. hrm METEOR! Imagine a huge hunk of flaming space rock splattering you 10 feet into the ground.. In contrast the biggest wussy skill (as compared to he amount of damage it does) Blizzard.. hrm oow its cold out here better go put on a heavier dusk shroud..
na im sticking with dsentry nothing says badass better than the blood and guts of 16 monsters plastered over the walls
or may be dflight... whats more fun than flying thro the air and kicking something in the face? :rolleyes:

edit ud need a very heavy dusk shroud... plz tell me u know the effects of cold mastery and blizzards dmg if it were to recieve the same bonus from fire mastery...
+ the fact that it doesnt have a delay... :shocked:
lol. I was just saying .. sounds like a snowstorm to me.. not too intimidating.. wasnt saying the skill itself sucked.
Well, one skill that deserves mention would be Fist of the Heavens.

I'd imagine it's a bit like saying.

"My daddy's bigger than yours!"


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